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Austin vs Punk might
(3 hours ago)Peezy Wrote: Depending on how much NJPW help they get, I think it's still possible.

NJPW's two west coast shows have sold out almost immediately, and at a bigger venue the second time. I think NJPW could draw 10,000 some day so I don't see why All In couldn't also. Especially in Chicago, which is basically the hottest wrestling city in America and which hasn't been exposed to a lot of NJPW stars.

The only thing with the NJPW stuff is that Global Wars last Oct and with the War Of The Worlds show coming up in a couple weeks we've pretty much gotten all of NJPW's talent in the last year minus Okada. ROH is bringing in that talent and will probably continue to do so.

They really need a few marquee match-ups. A Jericho Vs. Omega Vs. Okada. A Cody Vs. Punk. A Neville Vs. Aries. They need the names to draw the casual fan.

I also want to iterate that in my 25+ years of being a wrestling fan in Chicago, they've held all but 2 events in the Allstate Area/Rosemont Horizon (SummerSlam 94 and a house show just recently). The Allstate seats 13-14,000 on average. I just looked up last year's Backlash attendance. It was 9,800 there. That saw the greatest champion in the history of the WWF/E crowned in Jinder Mahal. If that occasion only drew 9,800 last year...
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Oh for sure. It all hinges on what matches they come up with.
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