Official NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 12 Thread
If you have any interest in getting into NJPW, now would be a great time. Wrestle Kingdom on Jan. 4th is their version of Wrestlemania basically. I'm taking over Zack duty and doing an official betting thread for this shit.

[Image: aPo1ck0.jpg]
The New Japan Rumble
This match is basically the way they get everybody on the show. Mostly the old wrestlers. They always have a few surprises in here, past legends or random wtf surprises (like Billy Gunn last year). This picture is from WK11 because I got no other pics.

[Image: 2C1lq2u.jpg]
Roppongi 3K vs. The Young Bucks - IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles
Should be fun flippy shit.

[Image: IaEXIJE.jpg]
[Image: es0CQCY.jpg]
[Image: LAdD8ib.jpg]
Bullet Club (Bad Luck Fale, Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa) © vs. Chaos (Beretta, Tomohiro Ishii and Toru Yano) vs. Michael Elgin and War Machine (Hanson and Raymond Rowe) vs. Suzuki-gun (Taichi, Takashi Iizuka and Zack Sabre Jr.) vs. Taguchi Japan (Juice Robinson, Ryusuke Taguchi and Togi Makabe) - 5-Team Gauntlet Match for NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Titles
I dunno, this'll be fine I guess. Another way to get 15 guys on the show that they aren't doing anything else with.

[Image: LoUhwUs.jpg]
Cody Rhodes vs. Kota Ibushi
This match was supposed to be for Cody's ROH title, but he just recently lost the title, so now it's just a singles match. Cody has been charismatic as hell and a great character on the indies, but he's yet to really have any awesome matches. If Ibushi can't get something out of Stardust, nobody can. I expect this to be good.

[Image: T33VVe9.jpg]
Killer Elite Squad vs. EVIL & SANADA - IWGP Tag Team Titles
Not sure if this match will be awesome because I have no idea if Bulldog Jr. and Archer can hang. But it'll be fine.

[Image: OVLVEon.jpg]
Minoru Suzuki vs. Hirooki Goto - Hair vs. Title match for NEVER Openweight Title
Now we're talking. Suzuki fuckin' motherfuckers up.

[Image: ocrwgCv.jpg]
Marty Scurll© vs KUSHIDA vs Will Ospreay vs Hiromu Takahashi - IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title
Here's where the show likely kicks into high gear. Expect stage 10 flippy shit.

[Image: 54velUl.jpg]
Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Jay White - IWGP Intercontinental Title
I know fuck all about Jay White. I know he trained at the NJPW dojo, spent a year or so in the U.S. and now he's back, but I've never seen him wrestle that I can remember. So who knows. I know Tanahashi is great and is basically NJPW's John Cena which is why I assume this match is so high on the card. Because holy shit, they threw Jay White into the deep end quick.

[Image: wk12_US_kennyjericho.jpg]
Kenny Omega vs. Chris Jericho - Ni Disqualification match for IWGP U.S. Title
What else can be said about this one? Should be great. Also, they've made it a no DQ match which is interesting because unless you pull out a machete and chop someone's arm off, I think it's already damn near impossible to get DQ'd in NJPW anyway. So if they felt the need to add that stipulation, I expect crazy shit. There will be blood.

[Image: wk12_okada_naito.jpg]
Kazuchika Okada vs. Tetsuya Naito - IWGP World Title
Almost guaranteed to be an early candidate for 2018 match of the year. Okada is currently the longest reigning IWGP champion of all time and arguably the best wrestler walking planet earth right now. Naito is the hottest star in Japan with an incredible 4-year backstory having built to this match.

Can't wait ladies and gents! Place your bets now! I'd say skip the Rumble because that's pre-show and there's no telling who will even be in the match.
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NJPW's YouTube page is gradually posting 1-minute promo videos for each match, with English subtitles. I'll add more as they upload them.

[Image: jx9SHdi.png]

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9 - Naito
8 - Suzuki
7 - Omega
5 - Jay White
4 - Ibushi
3 - Roppongi 3K
2 - Takahashi
1 - Suzuki-gun
[Image: jx9SHdi.png]

9 - Naito
8 - Omega
7 - Suzuki
6 - Evil-Sanada
5 - Ibushi
4 - Jay White
3 - Ropongi 3K
2 - Scrull
1 - Taguichi Japan

Cody v Ibushi has me torn on which way it can go. Cody winning over Ibushi, who Omega can’t seem to beat, would assert Cody as the new BC Alpha...could be the tide that splits The Elite from BC
Naito v Okada for the title has me uncontrollably moist.

9 - Naito
8 - Roppongi 3K
7 - Ibushi
6 - Scurll
5 - Omega
4 - Jay White
2 - Suzuki
1 - Taguchi Japan

Win the Day!

[Image: vS1CaHG.png]

10 - Liger
9 - KES
8 - Jay White
7 - Hiromu
6 - Ropongi 3k
5 - Naito
4 - Suzuki
3 - Omega
2 - Taguchi Japan
1 - Ibushi

I'm guessing on a lot of those and trying to imagine where they are going forward in 2018.
[Image: 150723-EJ-aerial-madison-square-garden-1519-Edit.jpg]
I'm predicting a clean sweep for Los Ingobernobles. Takahashi, EVIL & SANADA, and Naito all leaving the night with titles.

Also, they just added another one.

[Image: jx9SHdi.png]

what time does this start? (est or pst)
[Image: topdogg.jpg]
Pre-show starts at 2am EST. This will have the battle royal.

Main show starts at 3am EST.

I might wake up early before work and tune in to try to catch the last couple of matches, then go back and watch the undercard later.
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[Image: 150723-EJ-aerial-madison-square-garden-1519-Edit.jpg]
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That's a really good watch. They break down every match.
[Image: jx9SHdi.png]

9 - Ibushi
8 - Scurll
7 - Naito
6 - White
5 - Omega
4 - R3k
2 - Taguchi
1- Suzuki
Not that I want anyone to change their picks, but the rumor is Elgin will not be welcomed back to NJPW after his contract ends (due to his sex scandal/leaked texts). War Machine are said to be NXT bound as well.
[Image: 150723-EJ-aerial-madison-square-garden-1519-Edit.jpg]
How does one go about watching this?
[Image: 934677_573863302661411_609865347_n.jpg]
I had no idea about this Elgin bidness... Looks like I'll be switching that pick.

Win the Day!

[Image: vS1CaHG.png]

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NJPW World App
Not that I plan on watching this live, why in the blue fuck is it on a Thursday?
[Image: sa1wgxW.jpg]
It's always on Jan. 4th. Dating back to 1992, just a tradition. Sometimes it falls on a weekend or a weekday but it's always the 4th.
[Image: jx9SHdi.png]

Is this gonna be on axis tv?
Yeah on the 6th I think
[Image: jx9SHdi.png]

Ahhhhh cool then that makes sense then.
[Image: sa1wgxW.jpg]
Keep in mind axs is only showing 3 matches. Cody, Jerichomega and naito/okada.
[Image: Chaos.png]

(01-01-2018, 12:19 AM)Peezy Wrote: Yeah on the 6th I think

Woop woop!!!
[Image: 1bfbfe_475c6013db4449d4874b98d9d4b3baf4.gif]
They should sub the promos. Okada and naito's promos are so good. Okada is such a cocky dick.
[Image: Chaos.png]

This is it boys! The final minutes!

Im watching the fan festival show from yesterday. Will and Marty cut the best promos of their careers or at least in recent history. Everything else I watched was pretty meh.
[Image: 150723-EJ-aerial-madison-square-garden-1519-Edit.jpg]
Heart skipped a beat. The feed went down for about 5 minutes.

The set looks good but not vastly different this year. The screens above the ring/connected to the trusses looks badass.

Rumble Thoughts:

-Bushi has a fun mask.
-Fucking Delirious can fuck right off. For those unaware, he has been the ROH Booker for years and is largely responsible for the shitty storylines.
-Kitamura needs a big push or an excursion in 2018.
-Lol @ Delirious almost dying.
-No idea what NJPW sees in Chase Owens.
-Holy unmasking Batman!
-Fuck Gambino. Get off my screen you hybrid of Brpdus Clay/Grado.
-Mmmm that Bunny toe.
-I know almost nothing about Masahito Kakihara but good for him, ya know?
[Image: 150723-EJ-aerial-madison-square-garden-1519-Edit.jpg]
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Jr Tag Title Thoughts:

-Not a fan of Rocky's entrance. Is just seems low rent.
-How do all 4 men not have broken backs?
- The dueling kicking of the back spot was phenomenal!
-Everything I expected out of this match and maybe a little more. **** minimum. The wrong team won but I ain't mad.

6 Man Tag Title Match:

-Taichi can still fuck right off.
-Giod hard hitting stuff. Maybe this match should have opened the show instead and built up to the Jr. Tag Title match.
-Iizuka has such a great look and character. I wish they did more with him.
-My boy Yano! The REAL Main Event of WK12!
-Glad his hair is black again.
-Ugh @ "ding-ding."
-Juice looks coked the fuck out.
-That gunstun was ALMOST beautiful.
-Another title change? I'm not a fan. These belts are almost as bad as the hardcore title was.
-Each "match" felt different which was nice. ***1/4

Woooo! Ticket news for March announced tomorrow!

Cody vs. Kota Ibushi:

- Damn Brandi. Damn.
-One year later and Cody has gained slightly more respect. His in ring work is still improving but I expect more by 2019.
-Big pop for Kota.
-Fun stuff with Don getting the ring.
-That interaction with Brandi was amazing.
-Holy Christ @ that Crossroads onto the floor!
-This is right up there with the Cody vs. Okada match and probably better.
-Happy to give this one ****1/4

Heavyweight Tag Titles:

-Evil has a cool (new?) mask. SANADA's still sucks.
-KES are legit assholes. No gimmick.
-This is my first time really seeing Archer since his return.

NEVER Championship:
-Im not even sure what to rate this. That was brutal beauty. I need to watch this one again with fresh eyes.

Jr. Heavyweight Championship:
- Just as I was wondering about special entrances, they pull out some tricks. I really Liked Marty's bird wings.
- Too much incredible stuff to list. This is probably the greatest fast-paced Fatal 4 Way of all time. Psychology be damned, this gets the full *****!
-Good luck to everyone following that.

IC Title Match:

-Go Ace? No. Go away.
-It's 312am here. This match is making my eyelids heavy.
-Bias aside, this match just isn't good. It should have been much lower on the card.
-Tanahashi had better lose it tomorrow at NYD. **.5


-Decent entrance by Jericho. Shit entrance by Kenny. Sad.
-Good gawd almighty @ that table bump!
-I wasn't expecting a garbage match right from the get-go.
-I really enjoy the way this match has been unfolding. The pacing has been great. The blood seems out of place and unnecessary. It isn't completely uncalled for but it just doesn't add enough to justify it either.
-Weakass table bump by Jericho. 47 year old pussy!
-Although it didn't play out how I expected, I'm still going to have to give that *****!
[Image: 150723-EJ-aerial-madison-square-garden-1519-Edit.jpg]
IWGP World Heavyweight Championship:

-No fancy entrances.
-Okada looks thin and strange in pants.
- This match is about 30 minutes deep and it really hasn't lived up to the hype. It feels more like a good G1 match...but Not a MOTY. Maybe im just tired or maybe it is hard to live up to all of the other great matches from earlier tonight.
-They threw away the importance of wrist control. Treated it like a cheap slut.
-The crowd is coming unglued!
-Okada retains!? Unbelievable! NJPW had a chance to pull the trigger on the hottest thing in wrestling and they blew it once again. Okada proves to be the greatest champion this generation has ever seen. However, that ending sequence was uninspired. ****1/4.

Goodnight everyone!
[Image: 150723-EJ-aerial-madison-square-garden-1519-Edit.jpg]
Double check the math, but it looks like Dangplex and Peezy both got 19. I was waaaay off and expecting this PPV to go a different direction. I'm no longer optimistic about NJPW in 2018.
[Image: 150723-EJ-aerial-madison-square-garden-1519-Edit.jpg]
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Watched the Fatal 4 Way.
Fun and way cool. Not who I expectsd to win.

Jericho vs Omega
The pacing seemed a little weird to me but could be cause I was up at watching it and feeding a baby.
Omega’s Anubis entrance was interesting. (Inb4 white washing.)
The VTrigger from the post through the table was cool. ****

(01-04-2018, 04:24 AM)Chris Wrote: IWGP World Heavyweight Championship:
However, that ending sequence was uninspired.

Did they phone this in? “We got all these people watching and new subscribers, let’s WWE the main event, have John Cena win then lose at an event not as big as to kill the significance of anyone under him, then he’ll win it back toward the end of the year or sooner if this other guy can’t ‘draw’.”

The ending I said “What in the entire fuck was that?”
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