Official WWE Fantasy League Season 11 Thread

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BAHAHAHAHAHA YESSSSS!!!! Love my girl Alexa!!!!

Best part... I see Peezy was last post in the thread so in my head I’m like ok well I’ll read his post right away and know who won... wasn’t expecting the post to be on the next page by itself lolololol
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This is my second season in a row winning btw fun fact for ya
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Two-timing sonofabitch!
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Let the record show I pretty much drafted that entire championship team. Only brought on The Club at the very end cuz Obsidian was getting close & I wanted the PPV match points.......didn't realize I'd still have won by more than 150 even with New Day LOL!! XD
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Eh you'd have won regardless with that Alexa cash-in. Thank God she's my home girl or else I'd have been real pissed LOL
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