WWE pettiness knows no bounds
They just fired Jimmy Jacobs because he posted a picture on Twitter of himself hanging out with the Young Bucks. Because god forbid somebody have friends I guess.
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Former ROH wrestler for most of his career. Got hired by WWE a couple of years ago as a writer and has been on the creative team ever since until today.

He's from the indie scene so he's friends with all those BC guys. A couple of weeks ago, BC did a joke "invasion" of Raw, mostly just hanging around outside the building and riling up the crowd and tweeting jokes and filming for their YouTube series. Jacobs happened to see them while they were there and posted a picture of them together on Instagram. WWE fired him for it.

Also, WWE recently filed a cease & desist against the Young Bucks over the "too sweet" hand signal thing.

TL;DR - WWE is butthurt that the YB are successful on their own and they're getting really petty about it.
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He's also the reason for giving Jericho his idea about "The List" that he did in his last run. Funny story, apparently that was stolen from a group of guys I know on the indies in the Chicago area. They had a running joke about putting people on the "Faggot List"(usually for infractions like leaving an after party early or stiffing a guy in a match), but after one of their friends came out they didn't wanna say fag around him anymore so just shortened it to "The List". Then suddenly Jimmy Jacobs hears about this and next thing you know Jericho is doing his list thing on Raw and my friends are all pissed.

As for Jacobs it sucks getting fired for such a bullshit reason, but he was always kind of a douche so fuck him. He'll be back on the indies popping pills in the locker room within a month.
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i'm gonna start a faggit list. theres quite a few offenders so far
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(09-02-2011, 05:38 AM)RawrBabyRawr Wrote:
it's funny because sal really does have muscles and those pictures he posted up really are of him. seriously.

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I still think the cease and desist is so PWT have to stop carrying the YB stuff sooner once they sign. Alot of YB stuff looks like a ripoff WWE shirt, the YB green spray paint looks like the DX one. That’s just me though.
Sign? As in sign to the WWE? I don't think we will see that for a few years if ever. Besides, PWT prints on demand, not in large quantities (exceptions are probably made for hot sellers). WWE's bigger concern has to be Hot Topic.
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Now someone convince everyone else on the WWE creative team to hang out with the YB please.
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Yeah I'm with Chris. Given the bad blood forming there now, I don't see the YB signing to WWE anytime soon. They're pissed and they have every right to be. Probably doesn't help the chances of seeing Omega sign there anytime soon either. They're all making WWE-level money on their own right now anyway and they're doing it on their terms. They're in a position where they don't need WWE.
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Always liked Jacobs. I used to catch him in Chicago at AAW. Last time I saw him live it took him and his opponent like half a dozen spots to break through a single table. Good stuff.
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