[OFFICIAL] AAA Triplemania XXV & [OFFICIAL] AJPW Summer Explosion Ft. NJPW, BJW, CMLL
AJPW 45th Anniversary Summer whatever is up now. It is less exciting than AAA thus far. The old man match was so hard to watch. The battle royal thing was...unfunny and pretty shit.

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(08-27-2017, 02:59 PM)Chris Wrote: It hasn't been discussed here yet but the biggest news story coming out of Triplemania was Sexy Star no-selling her three opponents then shooting on Rosemary and deliberately cranking on her arm during a submission. The match had felt really off to me while watching it but now it at least makes sense. Looks as though Sexy Star has a shit ton of heat. Rumor has it that Vampiro forced her to apologize to Rosemary after the match but she bailed right after.

Last I checked, AJPW wasn't updated on the Real Hero archive. If they post it soon I will probably check it out and maybe do a little write up.

Lots of indie guys saying she is never welcome in any dressing room they're in. Fuck her
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This shatters my world because I fucking LOVE Sexy Star! I seen it was a fight between Star and the other chick Shani, Shani was doing some legit shots on Star a bunch too, but then Star takes it out on Rosemary for no reason at the end. From what I gathered from Stars explanation, Rosemarys skin was a little to pale to be wrestling in her ring. A lot of references to Rosemary not being from there.
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