Friday the 13th The Game
Anyone else got it yet?
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It's really good way better than dead by daylight
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It's good but it's glitchy as fuck
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yeah, i got it for PC and Xbox One.

It's fun. glitchy, but whatever
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Anyone ever wanna play I'm TheDalekSupreme on XBone. Loving so far. Glitchy but when it works right it's amazing. Single player is coming in summer/fall can't wait to see what they come up with! I'm one of the few people who actually enjoyed the NES game. It was bad but just that catchy creepy music and all around cheesiness it was a guilty pleasure for sure. So I loved the classic Jason skin they put up. Currently unlocked part 7 Jason. Have not been playing long.
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Been having fun playing with team SFU prior to my trip. Can't wait to play more.
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New Map & Jason today!
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For those that have this for PC is it worth playing with a keyboard instead of a controller? I'm thinking about buying this but I don't have a controller yet.
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