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Latest word is Honma is still in the hospital and still paralyzed from the neck down Frown Frown Frown

Im not hip on shit. Can
anyone elplaine bullet club to me?
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They are a stable consisting of mostly Western-based (non Asian) wrestlers. In NJPW, pretty much every wrestler belongs to a group (Bullet Club, LIJ, Chaos, etc).

The Bullet Club took a lot from the nWo and DX. The original incarnation was formed by Prince Devitt (known today as Finn Balor). Their cocky style, dirty heel tactics, and impressive matches got them over huge with the Japanese audience. Their merchandise sold like they were the second coming of Cena.

Prince Devitt was signed by WWE so AJ Styles became the new leader. Around this time, the group started picking up even more steam but unfortunately, much like the nWo, they started adding members that devalued the group. Later I can give you a break down of all the members and teams within the group if you would like.
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haha its all good i think. i was just wondering cuz while reading your review of honor rising it seemed like half the participants were in bullet club. all i could think of was this seems like some late nWo shit
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Yeah, like Chris said, most everyone in New Japan is part of faction.

Bullet Club - formed by Finn Balor, eventually taken over by AJ Styles, and currently led by Kenny Omega. Also includes Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, Takahashi (who always has a harem of hot ass women), Bad Luck Fale, Bone Soldier, etc. Also, within Bullet Club, Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks together form a 3-man group called The Elite. They're a heel group and mostly made up of foreigners.

Chaos - formed by Shinsuke Nakamura but now currently led by IWGP champion Okada (I can't spell his first name). Also includes Ishii, Toru Yano (who is like Japan's Santino Marella, just a goofy comedy wrestler), Will Ospreay, Goto, Yoshi-Hashi, etc. They're sort of a tweener group. Sometimes heel, sometimes face, they feud with everybody

Los Ingobernables - this group was originally formed in CMLL in Mexico as a lucha libre group (co-founded by current NXT wrestler Andrade "Cien" Almas). Anyway, NJPW wrestler Tetsuya Naito spent some time working in Mexico as part of the group. When he returned to NJPW, he formed a Japanese version of Los Ingobernables which he leads. Naito, EVIL, Bushi, Sanada, etc. are part of this group.

Suzuki-gun - this group actually "left" NJPW and took over the Pro Wrestling Noah promotion (in storyline) and have been there for the last couple of years but they just returned to NJPW in January. Led by Minoru Suzuki (a near-50 year old former MMA fighter who is still scary as shit and carries himself like a mob boss) and also features Davey Boy Smith Jr., Taka Michinoku (yes, the same one), and a few others.

Those are the main factions. Outside of that, you have everybody else. Hiroshi Tanahashi is basically NJPW's John Cena. Shibata is like their Cesaro, just a brutal fucking killing machine of a wrestler. Michael Elgin (former ROH champion), Kushida, and a few others. And of course, you still see guys like Jushin Liger, Tiger Mask, etc.

Update on Honma, from what I can gather he's regaining movement in his limbs and is able to pick stuff up. Honma says he's being moved from emergency ward for recovery and that he'll get better and return to the ring. The actual injury was to the 3rd & 4th cervical vertebrae.

Here is the translated article:
On the symptoms of Tomoaki Honma (40 = free) who was urgently transported to the emergency hospital due to neck injury at the Okinawa Games on March 3 at the Ota-ku General Gymnasium in Tokyo, on April 6, Shin Nippon Pro-Wrestling Misawa Takeshi Medical Trainer (47) I interviewed.

 Homma was in emergency transportation to an emergency hospital in Okinawa Prefecture after it received a green killer (Hangman DDT) of the inconvenience in the 6-person tag game of the Okinawa Games on the 3rd. Mr. Misawa explains about the condition of Honma "central cervical spinal cord injury, swollen at 3 and 4 of the cervical vertebrae (keiki), and the nerve is paralyzed."

 Immediately after the injury it was in a state that no power was applied to the body on the ring, but words were said to have been able to come out. "Currently the movement of the lower limbs has also come up and it has become possible to grasp objects and handle the upper limbs with hands as well," he said. The 3rd and 4th of the cervical vertebrae were affected by breathing and heart, and although they were worried at first, they said "they are recovering a lot". I am moving to the ward this afternoon and are working on recovery. Homma said "I will definitely get better, I will move and return to the ring," said Misawa, who said, "I am sorry to worry about all of my fans," said Mr. Honma. About the future Mr. Misawa said "If the swelling of the cervical spinal cord is pulled, we can have hope, but I do not know until I recover." I was speaking carefully.
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That's awesome news. But honestly, after something like that, I don't ever care to see him back in the ring again. I just hope he's able to recover and still walk and move.

I guess I'm ok with him wrestling still but maybe in a reduced capacity. Like if he did a low impact sendoff tour or wrestled on special shows (WK Royal Rumble, certain anniversaries, or memorials). But yeah, I dont think I would ever want him full time in that capacity. There are a ton of jobs he can take on with NJPW that won't require him to risk his health.
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Some more info:

Misawa: ‘Honma suffered an injury to his spinal column. There was swelling between the third and fourth cervical vertebrae, which led to some paralysis. The following day, he was gradually able to regain some motion in his hands and feet. Now he is able to move his feet a fair amount, and he can grip objects and bend his elbow. He is making progress day by day. The biggest worry with an injury between the third and fourth vertebrae is the effect it can have on circulation and respiration. At this point he is out of the most dangerous period of the first couple of days after the injury. As such he was moved from the ICU this afternoon and we hope he will continue to recover from there.
(From the press) — Is Honma conscious?
Misawa ‘He was conscious when it happened. He was talking in the ring.’
— There was talk that he wasn’t able to speak properly.
Misawa ‘He was able to talk. Obviously he wasn’t able to put much strength in his speech, but by the time he got to the hospital he was talking normally.’
— This is a difficult question, but what is the prognosis from here?
Misawa ‘With an injury between the third and fourth vertebrae, there are cases where people are unable to recover. That said, I’m very happy to see him make progress day by day, and we just have to monitor things from here and see how it goes.’
— What has Honma said to you?
Misawa ‘He’s saying that he’ll get better, that he’ll absolutely be in the ring again. He apologized for making the fans worry, said some normal stuff, cracked some jokes. He’s doing well in that regard.’
— What are the treatment options for him going forward? Will he have surgery?
Misawa ‘When it comes to the spinal column itself, there’s very little you can do positively through surgery. Right now, we just have to wait for him to recover on his own. It may well be that down the road he has surgery, much like Manabu Nakanishi did, but that’s not something we’re thinking of now, that’s for down the line.’
— It’s waiting for the swelling to go down?
Misawa ‘Well, not quite. The easy way to think about it if you sprain your ankle, it swells up. The spinal column is the same way. When that swelling goes down, then things settle and you get better from there.’
— So you hope that the swelling goes so that things can progress.
Misawa ‘Correct. Actually we’re already seeing that. Where the spine differs from a torn ligament, sprained ankle or broken bone is that you never know to what extent you can recover. That’s something we really can’t know for a few months. There are cases where it gets better overnight, and others where the paralysis is permanent to some extent. It’s really just hoping for the best right now.’
— Can you explain just what happened when the injury occurred?
Misawa ‘I didn’t actually see the move itself, I just rushed into the ring and he told me “I can’t move”. He was quadriplegic at that point. As we were getting ready to move him I was checking his feet and hands but he couldn’t move.’
— He’s currently in hospital in Okinawa- will he be moved to Tokyo soon?
Misawa ‘Right now, undue movement that could vibrate the spinal column is something that could make things worse. So he’ll be in Okinawa for the time being until things settle down and we’ll reassess.’
— Are his family present?
Misawa ‘Right now there’s another trainer with him. We’re in constant contact with his family, but as things aren’t life threatening right now, they aren’t present.’
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I had wanted to create an ROH thread but I'm probably the only one who would update it/give a shit so Ibwill just post this here. They have a PPV tonight that has gotten some good press coverage as of late. There are three standout matches:

Lio Rush vs Marty Schell for the TV title. This will probably steel the show.

Christopher Daniels vs. Adam Cole for the World title. This has been built as a comeback story and old man Chris Daniels' last chance at a run as a world champion (something he has never been).

And the most fun match: Rapongi Vice vs. The Young Bucks vs. The Hardy Boys © in a triple threat street fight for the Tag Team Championship.

Earlier I stopped in at the Las Vegas Fight Shop which sells MMA and Pro Wrestling merch and memorabilia. The Last Real Man Silas Young was there, looking at action figures. He kept coming back to them which was amusing.
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This is now a NJPW/ROH thread. Party on Garth.

I've been watching the NJPW 45th anniversary show here and there as I have time. I'm about halfway through it. Shibata vs. ZSJ was pretty great and ZSJ turning full-blown heel and joining Suzuki-gun was awesome.

Can't wait for the New Japan Cup tournament this weekend.

Sweet. Feel free to use my account if you want to watch live.

I'm waiting for the show to start in a dump of a casino. Bully Ray is signing autographs 3 feet from me, Bucks are 6 feet away, Hardys are 30 or so. Not drunk but have a good buzz going. Holy fuck wrestling fans are awkward.
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Great view and pretty good show. Some brutal things happened though:

TK O'Ryan appeared to have broken his leg. He went for a move to the outside (moonsault as I recall) and he misjudged the railing. He let out a few screams and I watched him say "Its broken." They rushed to the end of the six man tag title match. Afterwards they untied his boot a bit as I'm sure it was swelling like crazy. Then a group of people carried the poor guy to the back.

During the Las Vegas street Fight, Rocky brought out an elbow pad covered in thumbtacks. He botched a clothesline with it and it dug into Matt Hardys shoulder and cut it open. Then Trent brought out a bag a dumped it in the ring. It was broken glass. Everyone got fucked up. Lots of shards of glass were stuck in everyone including the ref.

During the Daniels vs. Cole match, Daniels somehow got busted open early on while outside the ring. I couldn't see how. In the middle of counting him out, the ref saw it and let out an "oh geez." Chris was pouring blood for a while. It looked like they might stop it or end it quickly but they played it smart and stalled and did some rest holds, allowing it to clot a bit.

Good show. That street fight was a lot of fun and worth seeking out.
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Yeah, it was pretty brutal. Poor kid.

I just left the ROH tapings. It was good...not epic. The biggest things to note are Briscoes and Bully Ray are now the 6 man tag champs, Adam Cole tried to kick the Young Bucks out of the Bullet Club, and the Young Bucks said Adam Cole was never the leader - Kenny Omega is. Also the Hardy Boys are seemingly keeping the Broken gimmick.

Edit: Almost forgot, during one match the fire alarm started going off (Ray Rowe vs. Davey Boy JR? I can't recall his opponent). Sirens, strobes, etc. Eventually a recording kicked in saying it was not an emergency and to stay calm.
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A correction from earlier. I was absolutely convinced they used broken glass during the Vegas street fight but it was just thumbtacks. It looked like a blue hue live (maybe the background lighting played a part). Anyway, here is the entire PPV for free. The last two matches are worth seeing and if you have time, Marty vs. Lio was good. Fish vs. Lethal got a lot of praise but it did very little for me.

-TK O'Ryan injury is @1:12:00
-TV Title match is right after that
-Vegas Street Fight is @2hr mark
-Main event is right after that
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I finally got to watch the Omega/Ishii match. One of the best matches of the year (not quite better than Omega/Okada and Cena/AJ though).

NJC Finals should be live any second now.

On a side note, I went to PWG last night. It wasn't a bad show...but after my Vegas weekend, this event just didn't blow me away. I just wasnt feeling. Bucks lost their tag gold. Trent was super over but I have mixed feelings about him as a singles guy. I'm surprised Matt Riddle hasn't been picked up by NJPW; His style would work really well.
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The card for tonight looks boring outside of Bullet Club vs. Chaos (4 on 4) and the tournament finals.
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Hirai Kawato vs. Tomoyuki Oka
-Did nothing for me.

Jushin Thunder Liger, Tiger Mask IV & David Finlay vs. Suzukigun (Takashi Iizuka, TAKA Michinoku & El Desperado)
-I wonder if Suzukigun is destined for bigger things? They had a massive showing on January 5th but haven't looked nearly as dominant since.
-Tiger mask hit an ugly tombstone on Desperado. I had a moment where I thought he was dead but he continued on like nothing happened.
-Taka just looks weird. He looks like a little old man-boy.
-Fun match overall.

TenCozy (Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan) vs. Yuji Nagata & Katsuya Kitamura
-Kitamura loves him some steroids.
-Good crowd/venue
-Never been a fan of Tanzan's entrance gear. He looks like the sloppy leftovers of a create a wrestler.
-Sloppy finish. I didn't hate the match but it meant nothing.

CHAOS (Hirooki Goto, Gedo & Jado) vs. Suzukigun (Minoru Suzuki, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Taichi)
-I like Taichi's entrance gear.
-Gedo no sold a hammer to the back of the head?
-Fun double-submission spot with Suzuki.
-Creative low blow spot!
-I enjoyed this match. Not super polished but it was never stale.

Hiroshi Tanahashi, Michael Elgin, Juice Robinson, KUSHIDA & Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito, SANADA, EVIL, BUSHI & Hiromu Takahashi)
-Fun corner spot with Bushi
-Lots of starpower in this match
-Elgin is strong but he is no monster. The dude is like 5 feet tall.
-Sanada is the weak link in LIJ
-Looks like we are getting a Juice vs. Naito program.

CHAOS (Kazuchika Okada, Tomohiro Ishii, YOSHI-HASHI & Toru Yano) vs. Bullet Club (Kenny Omega, Tama Tonga, Tanga Roa & Yujiro Takahashi)
-Omega going more colorful tonight with his gear
-Would bang Takahashi's so it
-Roa looks homeless
- So does Yoshi Hashi
-I enjoyed Omega fucking with the Japanese announcer
-Tama Tonga is the Bizzaro World Roman Reigns
-We need Yano vs. Jack Gallagher.
-Nice spear used as a counter to the Rainmaker!
-Good catch by Okada!
- The American announcer just aren't working for me. It's the only way I can get stuff done and watch at the same time.

Katsuyori Shibata vs. Bad Luck Fale
-Fale with the badass Bane mask! I want one!
-I want that trophy more though. It looks even better than the current G1.
-Big Boot Botch
-As expected, lots of smoke and mirrors to cover up Fale's lack of wrestling skills.
-Great nearfall with Shibata kicking out.
-Lackluster finish
-Cool imagery with Shibata posing next to the trophy and the streamers falling.
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Haven't watched the last day yet, but will try to this week. I'm glad Shibata won. As long as it was either him or Ishii, I was okay with it. Shibata/Okada (I assume) should be great

It definitely should be. In all honesty, you could probably skip this show if you wanted to. There were no big moments, stellar matches, etc.

I'm pissed at Kevin Kelly for plugging the US site and saying tickets are available for the LBC shows in July (nothing has been updated).
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Here is the Okada catch I mentioned:

Also, here are the highlights of the PWG show I went to. Yes it was entertaining but sometimes nonstop holy shit moments become a bit much. They just need to slow it down in the ring a bit! Learn to sell!
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I try to watch all the NJPW stuff because I'm still learning who everyone is and trying to make it easier to remember names and faces and stuff. So I watch just about everything.

Thats dedication. I still struggle with a number of guys (matching names/faces) but I feel I've been learning more organically.
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So....WWE has apparently been negotiating since January to buy Ring of Honor from Sinclair.

There goes Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and Lio Rush's leverage! Holy shit if this is true!
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Yeah this is huge if true.

Young Bucks to NXT?

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Think of the NJPW relationship...
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I'd have to imagine NJPW would immediately end that shit


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