on ESPN tonight 30 for 30 "This was the XFL"
not sure where to put this. sports or wwe. about half the interviews is with vince from what i heard. no idea how it gets edited down

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dvr set Smile
I can't believe its been 16 years now since that trainwreck of a league happened, in their lone season the local team here won the championship (LA Xtreme). Nobody here gave a shit, go figure Agag
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I watched most of it. It was awesome. That interview Vince did with Bob Costas was amazing
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Man, the end was too emotional lol
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I liked the xfl, there was some talent involved. Several guys got a shot (or another shot in some cases) in the NFL thanks to their time there
Like Tommy fucking Maddox getting picked up by the Steelers... Ugh.

Win the Day!

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Don't hate, Maddox is the only player ever to get both a Million Dollar Game and Super Bowl ring. He cemented himself in both leagues, one of the GOATs.
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