Need a wrestling gimmick name for trivia quick
Hurry! So far I'm leaning towards Jeff Harvey
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Is it True?
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The Cordova Crippler
Human Sexplex Machine
The Crappler
Lawlers Leftovers
Whole Cogan
Mr. Perfict
Mr. Perfucked
Sick Flair
Scott Steiner's Maroon Thong From The 2002 Royal Rumble
Think Face
Road Warrior Pop
Legion of Swoon
Irresistible Force
Immovable Object
Sean Mooney Inc.
Intense Crowd Pop (ICP)
Bro Cleanser
Germantown Suplex
My Cocoa
Hardcore Khali
Corkscrew Blowjob
450 Anal
Dickeye Dan
Mayson "The Malice" Menthol
Albert Eyerake
3 Count Mafia
Godwin's Theory
Las Rever
Kaiph Abe
The Booklearn Brawler
10 Pounds of Old
Answer Correct Daniel Price (AC/DP)
2 Liter Wife Beater
Big Read Machine
Beale Street Posse
Cream Team
Melts Her
Blue Blazer Driver '99
Yawn Cena
Dan Weottababyeitzaboy
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hopefully your triv night went as good or slightly better then mine did. got 2nd in suns trivia at casino and won suite tix to upcoming suns vs okc tonight. 1st was courtside seats tho, fuck!!!
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Wish I'd seen those earlier. Oh well.

Best name was Hepatitis O'Neil.

I won at trivia. It was fucking fun as shit. It was Rumble themed. Every man for himself. 35 people in a bar. Everyone drew numbers and it basically went by Rumble rules. 1 and 2 started and he'd ask them a question. They'd write their answer down and then show their answer. If they got it right, they stayed in, got it wrong, eliminated. Then #3 would come up and so on and so forth. So just like the Rumble, the higher the number you drew, the better. I drew 31.

But it was so awesome. Crowd full of drunk smarks. For each entry, the guy would play entrance music. People imitating entrances. Shit like that. I ended up with Lawler's music, go figure. I wanted Nakamura.

When I got up there, there were was me and I think 5 other people. One of the guys had been up there for the whole time and was dominating the competition. Then he asked a question (who was Ric Flair's executive consultant during his first stint in WWF?) and I was the only person to get it right (Mr. Perfect). Eliminated 5 people at once. Whole bar starts chanting "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" and "This is awesome!" It was crazy. People lost their minds, running up and high fiving me and shit. Felt like a star for a second.

Then a few more came up and it was down to the final 4. Last question to determine a winner was a number question, whoever got closest without going over would win. How many wins was Goldberg's streak in WCW. I got it exactly right (173). Winner!

Won a $30 gift card at that bar, which I'll use next time when I go to defend my title.
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nice! kinda surprised a guy who was up there running the table would miss the perfect question
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That sounds like so much fun!
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(01-27-2017, 12:20 AM)bj0rn Wrote: nice! kinda surprised a guy who was up there running the table would miss the perfect question

Most of them put Heenan. Even I wasn't entirely sure which one it was. I knew both Perfect and Heenan were with him but couldn't remember for sure which one was the "executive consultant" so just went with my gut.
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Yea it sounds amazing
It was dope, I failed and guessed heenan...goddamn it
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Also, you haven't lived until you've heard an entire bar chant "HEP-A-TITIS!"
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That sounds great, that'd give me a reason to go to a bar
Also, Chris, I don't want you to think your work went unappreciated. I just now really looked over all those names and holy shit there's some great ones in there. Will definitely be using one next time.
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Whole Cogan is now my Fantasy Football team name
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Just went to this again for the second year. Scroll up for last year's review for rules and explanation, it was exactly the same. Anyway...I did not win. But I did use one of Chris' name suggestions (3 Count Mafia).

This time I drew #4 out of 36 other people. So I got in the game early and had to try to hang for awhile so the odds were against me. I made it through 14 questions before I finally got eliminated as #18 was entering the game.

Question that got me: in 2011, there was a 7-man mini-Rumble match on Raw with the winner getting a title match. Who won? (Correct answer that I did not remember: Lawler. I got stumped on a question about a fucking Memphis icon).

Best names:

Brock Lesbian
Evan Wrestleman The Wrestler Man
Zo Means Zo

This is still fun as shit and I can't wait to do it again next year.
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Damnit, I wish there was something that fun and awesome around here. I'd love to partake in an event like that.

Win the Day!

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Sounds like a blast

Trivia in anything reminds me that I went to a public school Frown
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