Pokémon Moon be lit af
Just bought a 3ds xl the other day along with Pokémon moon. Pretty dope. Would recommend.
8/10 I like how I can feed my Pokémon jellybeans
[Image: 1.gif]
10/10 just realized I could customize the look of my character
[Image: 1.gif]
I've been meaning to pick this up and confiscate my son's 3DS for about a month.
I didn't really like the last poke man game, but I still kinda want to pick this up sometime.
[Image: 0UkGE74.gif]
I completed the pokedex first month ez
[Image: 4mWpL7U.png]
Did the 3DS disappear after Christmas? I can't find that shit anywhere. Only thing I can find is a 2DS.
[Image: 17_zpsappexndq.jpg]

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