Last Chance U
Junior College Football documentary on East Mississippi Communoty College. They take Division 1 and 2 rejects or non recruits in on a scholarship for a year or two. Chad Kelly is mentioned ina few episodes, he's Ole Miss QB, former recruit to Clemson that got dismissed from the school. Former FSU 3rd string QB John Franklin III is on there too, he is now 3rd string for Auburn. JF left FSU voluntairly.

Show is only 6 episodes but you get a feel for the kids and why some of them left or were told to leave, some you really feel for.
I heard that series was good. I haven't watched it yet. JFIII moved up to the #2 spot on the depth chart at AU
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JFIII has a toxic personality. He's a less talented black Manziel.
Loved it. Need more shows like that.

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