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you're going to be okay, thats what's going to happen. everything's okay.
we're right here beside you, we won't let you slip away.
plan for tomorrow, cause we swear to you, you're going to be okay.
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Nothing super notable tonight. Wesley Blake blowing kisses at Shinsuke was funny. So glad Ibushi has apparently signed. Good promo by No Way Jose. Mostly seemed like a reboot episode now that half the roster just got drafted.

Samoa Joe vs. Shinsuke at Takeover is gonna be stiff as fuck. Looking forward to Bayley/Asuka II also.

I'm goin to their "live event" in Jacksonville on Saturday. I hope to see Shinsuke.
Is it one of the big normal NXT tours? Or is it just one of the local Florida shows where all the Performance Center jobbers get to work in front of tiny crowds?

Both? Last time I got to see Baron Corbin, Bálor, Enzo&Cass, Jason Jordan, Blake and Murphy, Sami Zayne and Kevin Owens
doesnt deserve a thread, but zz was released from his contract. figured id post here since he was technically in nxt.
Yeah I think I read Aliyah might be gone too. Looks like they're cleaning house at the Performance Center today.

Main roster beat them to it!
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Lol that ZZ was even there
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I thought they were high on aliyah
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This happened Thursday...hopefully the card I get in about 17 hours.

1) Mojo Rawley vs Murphy

2) Blake vs Andrade “Cien” Almas

3) Bayley & Carmella vs Daria & Mandy Rose

4) Hideo Itami vs Austin Aries

5) Dash & Dawson vs Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano WWE NXT Tag Team Championship

6) Asuka vs Nia Jax WWE NXT Women’s Championship

7) Shinsuke Nakamura & Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe & Bobby Roode
Looks like those names are in Houston, we get the D Show here....wampwamp
I thought Hideo was supposed to return on this episode? Maybe I'm remembering the promo wrong.

Buddy Murphy actually looked really good against Kota. Not sure if that's cause Kota is so awesome or if Buddy's been flying under the radar. Either way, that was fun to watch.

Good promo by No Way Jose, yea. I get the feeling he's still super green, but man he has the charisma side of things down. Letting him work with Austin Aries will help him learn.

So Brooklyn is shaping up to look like this.

Samoa Joe vs Shinsuke Nakamura
Asuka vs Bayley
No Way Jose vs Austin Aries

I'm guessing Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa vs The Revival will also happen. Past that, I dunno. Probably room for one more match, but I'm blanking on any obvious possibilities, unless they go Buddy Murphy vs Wesley Blake.
You're watching last week's episode. New episode airs tonight and I think that's when Hideo comes back.

And yeah, No Way Jose's promo was great. Dude definitely needs to improve in the ring, but hey, this is developmental. That's why he's there. He'll get better.

As for Brooklyn, definitely the 4 matches you mentioned. From there, probably the in-ring debut of Bobby Roode? Maybe against Tye Dillinger or that Cien dude?

No Bobby Roode debuts tonight, they advertised that on this last episode.
God damn it Carmella is so fucking hot. So is Alexa Bliss.

Billy Kay is hot too. And Mandy Rose.
So ever since the draft, NXT has kind of been in a rebuilding phase. A handful of stars but lots of jobbers and squash matches and newer people being established. It's been sorta boring.

But last night's episode was finally balls to the wall awesome again. Dusty tag tournament started again, Almas long overdue heel turn, and a great main event.

But the best part was hands down the debut of Dan Matha. If you haven't been following, here's the story:

For the last few weeks, Samoa Joe has been demanding William Regal give him a rematch against Nakamura. He's threatened Regal and said that if he doesn't get a rematch, he's going to lay waste to the entire NXT roster. So he's been coming out and beating up jobbers and no name guys mostly. And then he gets on the mic and says, "I'll keep hurting people until you give me a rematch."

Also, for the last few weeks, they've been hyping up the debut of Dan Matha. This dude is like, 6'9, 300 pounds of pure steroided out former football player. He's Vince's wet dream. So for weeks, they were playing vignettes for this guy to finally debut. Last night, he debuted. Came to the ring and this guy is a monster. He's huge. He gets in the ring....

....and here comes Samoa Joe. Calmly walks to the ring, enters, and mercilessly beats the fucking shit out of Dan Matha. It was amazing. They spent a month hyping this guy's debut just for Samoa Joe to beat his fucking face in as soon as he shows up.

TL;DR - they've turned Samoa Joe into NXT's version of Brock Lesnar

I haven't watched nxt since the draft. Too much wrestling
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So, uh....Patrick Clark

Mickie James is back I heard
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I don't think that's happening until next week but yeah

My money is on rich swan and no way Jose to win the dusty Rhodes classic
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They've got the Authors of Pain next round don't they? They're fucked.

My money is on Ciampa and Gargano

No way

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It's really hard to say who's gonna win the Dusty Classic.

Samoa Joe's been badass, I love all the random attacks he did.

Almas turning heel might be what he needed, though they haven't done much with him and Cedric's feud since it happened.

Sanity's debut was fucking awesome, I was very wow'd by it. Great reveal, great music, great gimmick so far.

Tye Dillinger vs Bobby Roode is something I want to see, and I hope they're slowly building up Tye. Tye is so fucking good and he's insanely over. I dunno if it'd translate to the main roster, but god damn it, I want him to end up as NXT Champion.

I was surprised by the team of Otis and Tucker Knight when they fought Aries and Strong. They had some good chemistry, they may have found something there for those 2 guys.

Patrick Clark is wtf

I'm all caught up on NXT right now, I tend to watch it about 3 or 4 weeks at a time. I honestly think the Revival may win the whole Dusty Classic, but if they don't, DIY or maybe even Sanity probably has the next best shot. Really happy with the choice of using TJ Perkins to replace Hideo as Kota's partner, that's a great replacement.
They might be doing an NXT Takeover the day before Royal Rumble. They announced an NXT show for that Saturday.
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Yeah I figure they pretty much do them a few times a year around the time of all the major PPVs.

Meltz has confirmed another Takeover before Rumble.

Latest NXT episode was taped in Canada before Takeover so it's the same awesome crowd. SAnitY is such a uniquely awesome stable.

And I'd tongue bathe the b-holes of Peyton Royce and Billie Kay


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