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The NXT UK show was on today. Really good shit from top to bottom. Basically a Takeover-level show.
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Pete Dunn is the shit...
Finally watched both nights of the UK tournament show. First night was harder to watch than night 2 just because I didn't know hardly any of the guys and maybe it was my mood too. Though I really liked Zack Gibson and Travis Banks.

6 man tag match on night 1 was dope.

Night 2 the fatal 4-way was good, nice to see Noam Dar again. I like that guy.

Tag title match was bonkers and that finish made the crowd erupt like it was 1999, fuckin nice.

Women's title match actually was better than I expected.

The other women's match was just there. The crowd was really polite to them, but man, I don't think they should've been out there.

Adam Cole and Wolfgang was alright. I don't really care for Wolfgang though and clearly the crowd doesn't care much about him either.

Tag match with Ricochet/Black and EC3/Dream was not as good as one would've expected but it was still pretty damn good. I thought the ending was really good too. Doesn't hurt EC3 to lose that way, and it saves Dream from eating another pin too.

Pete Dunn and Zack Gibson was solid as fuck. Pete continues to just have great matches all around (As does Tyler Bate).

Moving on, I loved on NXT they interviewed EC3 and he said he was gonna kick down the door to Regal's office to get a real challenge. Loved the bravado, and I also loved when he was walking away and they asked "Who are you gonna ask to face?" "EVERYBODY". Nice. I don't know if EC3 is heel or face, because his gimmick suggests heel for sure, but his actions say face. I guess he's just EC3 and he's VIP and that's what makes him just him and me, me.

That 6 man tag of Ricochet/Moustache Mountain vs Undisputed Era was fucking sick. Ricochet backflip dodging his way out of the double team from Strong and O'Riley was fucking insane, Ricochet was just amazing as hell the whole time he was in the ring. Bate and Seven and everyone else were on point too, just a really fucking good match.

Dream vs that new guy was really good too. He had a strong showing against Ricochet a few weeks ago too, I like the guy. I like how he talks trash while fighting, although he might want to talk just a little less. Still do it a lot, I mean KO is great at it, Mark Henry during his Hall Of Pain run talked a lot too, just gotta find the right groove.

Ciampa challenging Black is exactly what I said should happen and I am glad they're moving that direction. Interesting that it's gonna happen on NXT TV and not a takeover. Hopefully they devote enough time to it on that episode.

Garganno's attitude is brilliant lately, it's really good continuity. He is damn near suffering from PTSD from the shit Ciampa is putting him through and him brutalizing EC3 the way he did was intense. I wasn't sure who was gonna win that match...I mean EC3 put up a damn good fight and I thought he might end up winning because Garganno gets too caught up in emotion or something, but no.

Speaking of, I liked EC3 stealing the spotlight from Dream and not forgetting that Dream walked out on him. Very nice. Probably gonna see those two fight, maybe at Brooklyn.

I like British style promos. They feel more real to me. Usually more calm, more off the cuff, just regular talking.

Dakota Kai and Bianca Bel'Air had a damn solid match too. Very well done. I also am so glad Bianca got that new finishing move. It looks awesome, and it's infinitely better than the Alley Oop bullshit. I've never been a fan of that move. Even when Big Show briefly did it back in 2002-ish, it looks fucking dumb.

I love The Mighty right now. I mean I've been fans of TM61 ever since they got here though. And I love these little backstage camcorder/phone recording promos they do with people, it feels so natural to me. Like, duh people like to record themselves and in this age we can use that to send messages to our opponents. That video Otis took where Tucker got attacked and you barely see The Mighty running off on the other side of the glass is just good. So good.

Can't wait to see Noam Dar vs Pete Dunn.

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