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How did he die? Other than Dave the only one I recall from my time
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I'm not sure they ever determined a cause. He was found floating in a ditch and had been dead for several days.

Honestly, it sounds to me like he got drunk or fucked up on something and wandered off alone and fell in and drowned. He was homeless at the time and living in the woods not too far from where he was found and had been dealing with alcohol issues for years. But his dad seemed to really believe there was foul play. Hired a private investigator and everything to try to find out what really happened. There's a Justice For Tad FB page that says he was murdered and stuff like that. Which is understandable, as a father losing a son, of course he wants to cling to some hope that there's a better reason. I feel really sorry for the guy, but it's almost certainly just an accidental death.

I dunno, it's just really unfortunate either way. He had troubles, but he was a good dude.

Omg that's fucking nuts....wow

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