Dickeye Dave
R.I.P. Towelie

I remember being banned for posting a picture related to his death while being a douchebag. that was a dick move of me then so I'll just go ahead and apologize even though it really doesn't matter
I don't even remember that, but all good man.

Sad shit Peezy. I know you guys were tight. I lost my best friend last month and I still have a hard time holding It together. I remember after Dave passed you were joking about him and seemed like you were back to normal pretty quick
[Image: 1415gl5.jpg]
Yeah I joked about it but nah, I wasn't back to normal for a very long time. It still hurts sometimes and it's been 8 years. The jokes were a defense mechanism haha. It was really hard for a long time.

Really sorry to hear about your friend man. Wish there was something to say that would help but there's really not. Just stay strong man.

It was a bad day. Lots of vivid memories for yours truly, and I wasn't even one of the two to go through the hell of discovering him.

Was playing GTA IV at the time I got the call from Peezy. I had to wake Bizzle up and tell him. Of course, he had a doofy Bizzle-ism.

Anyway. Props to Sherrie and everyone else that came together and put on a wonderful memorial ceremony.
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Dude was awesome, first actual friend I made on here minus maybe Kid Ex...

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