Let's talk the NX bros
Here's some fun speculation.

Nintendo NX is the Codeword for Nintendos New Hardware Family called:

Nintendo TV & Nintendo GO

From NES to WiiU and Gameboy to 3DS Nintendos Console- and Handheldsystems were completely different and separate business. With Nintendo TV & Nintendo GO this will change. It's not Hybrid, more like a Family of devices. They share the same OS and UI and it's easy to develope Software for both Systems, because they are compatible with Unity and other important Game Engines. Not every Game will be released to both Nintendo TV & Nintendo GO. Nintendo still will publish Handheld or Console exclusiv Games to make sure that no system is getting cannibalized.

Nintendo GO:

5" IPS Mulitouchscreen with a Resolution of 960×540 (qHD)

Full GamePad Layout (A/B/X/Y/L/R/ZL/ZR/-/+/Home/Digipad and two clickable Analogsticks)

Analog ZL/ZR

Build in Microphone / NFC/ Motion and Gyro

Slightly better than PS Vita (more RAM)

MicroUSB for charging

MicroSD Port with up to 128 GB (8 GB included)

New Gamecards with up to 32 GB Storage

Color: Black / White

Release: September 2016

Price: 199$

Nintendo GO Launch Line-Up (from Nintendo):

Diddy Kong Racing GO (Monster Games)

Completly New Diddy Kong Racing developed by Monster Games the Racing experts that brought you ExciteTrucks.

Super Mario Maker (Nintendo)

It's a port from the WiiU Version with some new elements and themes. The two new themes will be Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Land 2 Six Golden Coins. It will also introduce a Multiplayer Mode that we all know from the New Super Mario Bros. Series.

Metroid Collection (Nintendo)

It's a Collection of Metroid Zero Mission (Metroid I), Metroid II Return of Samus, Super Metroid (Metroid III) and Metroid Fusion (Metroid IV). The Collection keeps the 16-Bit Pixelstyle of the Metroid Games. So it's just updating the Resoultion and Controls of the Games with one Exception: The not so good aged Metroid II from the original Gameboy will see a complete overhaul in Graphics and Gameplay (similar to old NES Metroid's Zero Mission on the GBA).

Nintendo TV:

same x86 Architectur from AMD as PS4 and Xbox One

Slightly better than PS4


Disk Drive (own Blu-Ray like format similar to the WiiU)

500 GB HDD (replaceable)

Nintendo Pro Controller

Improved WiiU Pro Controller

Analog ZL/ZR

Touchpad (as Touchscreen replacement (Nintendo GO))

Build in Microphone / NFC / Motion and Gyro


Micro USB for charging

Color: Black / White

Release: November 2016

Price: 299$

Nintendo TV Launch Line-Up (from Nintendo):

The Legend of Zelda (Nintendo)

2016 is the 30th Anniversary of the "The Legend of Zelda" Series. The New Legend of Zelda Game will go back to it's roots. The Game is very similar to it's 30 Year old ancestor. The Gameplay if completly free and not liniear. You can go where you want and find the secrets hidden inside the Game for your self. Of course there will be Story but other than in the other 3D Zelda Games it will not be a linear Story, your choices what to do, will also influence the Story that you are experiencing. Because of it's tribute to the original Legend of Zelda, this Zelda will be the first one ever (since the original) that doesn't have an caption. It's just called: The Legend of Zelda! There will also be a WiiU Version of the Game. The Nintendo TV Version comes first and runs in a beautiful 1080p@60fps.

Super Mario Universe (Nintendo)

It's the First 3D Mario on Console Launch since the N64! It's an 120 Stars Super Mario with some of the Elements of 3D Land/World (small Mario etc.) Instead of a Hub World there will be a Open World Mushroom Kingdom to explore. There will also be Special Levels that you can find everywhere in the World with different Gameplay Mechanics vom various Super Mario Games like Sidescrolling Level, Galaxy Style Level and more. There will also be much more Story in the Game comparable with the Paper Mario- and Mario & Luigi Series.

Metroid V (Retro Studios)

After the Events of Metroid Fusion Samus is a renegade on the run, but the Federation shoots her spaceship down, so that she crashes on a unkown planet. The Game is First Person like the Metroid Prime Series, it's very dark and has a unpleasent atmosphere (almost like a Horror game), amazing lightning and reflections. The Scanning from the Prime Series is also back and Samus does not talk a single word!

According to Nintendo, Nintendo TV and Nintendo GO on there own are already good, but together they are amazing. Here the functions that you get if you have both Nintendo TV & GO:

Nintendo GO can be used as a Controller for Nintendo TV.

When you use the Nintendo GO as a Controller for Nintendo TV you can use a second screen, but it's developers choice if they want to support it. Nintendo will support it with every game. For example: "The Legend of Zelda" shows you the Map of the WiiU Version's WiiU GamePad on your Nintendo GO.

Every Nintendo TV Game can be played on Nintendo GO via OffTV Play. There a three ways to stream: 1). Directly from TV to GO. 2). From TV to Router to GO 3). From TV to the Internet to GO. That way you can play your Nintendo TV Games where ever you are (if you have a fast enough internet connection).

You can also play your Nintendo GO Games on the Nintendo TV via OnTV Play. The Nintendo GO streams the Game to the Nintendo TV. The Nintendo TV scales it up to 1080p. Developer can choose if they support the Nintendo Pro Controller and Second Screen is also possible.

Games that are both avalible on Nintendo TV and Nintendo GO can use CrossBuy, CrossPlay and CrossSave. It's developers choice.

Nintendo has three Games in development that will use it:

Super Smash Bros. 300% Edition

It's a Port from Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and WiiU. It comes with all the content from the 3DS and WiiU Version of the Game including the DLC. The 58 Fighters will be supported by two totally new characters that are still a secret. So it's a total of 60 Fighters. Of course the Game will be Crossbuy (Download and Retail), it will also be Crossplay so for the first time ever Handheld and Console Smashers can fight against each other. And don't worry the Gamecube Pad Adapter is compatble with the Nintendo TV! Release: Nintendo TV Launch!

Animal Crossing (working title)

Animal Crossing is perfect for Crossplay. Play on the "GO" and when you come home you can continue to play on the "TV". For the first time the game saves automatically, so no resetting possible (poor Resetti...). The Mayor part of the last game, will be increased and also elements from "HappyHomeRoom Designer" will be included. The Game was originally planned for the WiiU but saved for Nintendo TV and GO due to the bad sales of the WiiU. Release is set for Summer 2017 in Japan and for Holiday 2017 in North America and Europe.

Super Mario Kart Bros.

With the Mario Kart 8 DLC Nintendo introduced Non Mario Characters for the first time in Mario Kart. Super Mario Kart Bros. will be a full flashed Nintendo Allstars Game like the Smash Bros. Games. It will not only feature Mario and his friends, but also Characters like Kirby, Link, Zelda, Villager, Captian Falcon, Fox McCloud, Samus and many more. The Game will see the return of Special Items for each character that we know from Mario Kart Double Dash!! Via Crossplay you can play the Game with up to 11 Friends. Kart Customisation will be increased and even personalisation will be possible. The Battle Mode get it's own Arenas back. Nintendo plans to expand the Game every year with 1-2 DLCs. Release: First half of 2017.

CrossSave is done automatically like StreetPass and SpotPass. When TV and GO are in the same Room they synchronising automatically. They can also synchronise via the internet.

Nintendo TV and Nintendo GO Game cases are red in order to stand out of the green and blue from Microsoft and Sony.

Nintendo GO Games come in small cases similar to the Vita Game cases. Nintendo TV Games have the same formfactor as PS4 and Xbox One Games (BluRaySize), Crossbuy Games are called Nintendo TV & GO and use the slightly larger DVD Case formfactor.

Nintendo is working together with the big Third Party Publishers (like EA, Activision, Square Enix, Ubisoft etc.) in order to get as many flagship titles of 2016 right to launch of Nintendo TV. They also want to achieve that all mayor Multiplattform Third Party Games that come 2017 and beyond will also be avalible on Nintendo TV.

Nintendo want to use there own IP's to get exclusive Third Party Games for Nintendo TV and Nintendo GO. Together with Ubisoft they working on a Super Mario x Rayman Crossover in the UbiArt Engine.

Nintendo also investing tons of money and support in their Nindie programm in order to get as many creative Indie Games as possible.

Nintendo TV & Nintendo GO will have region lock, but only as a parental option that is disabled by default! So no regionlock!

Games purchased in the eShop are bound to the Nintendo Account and not the device. However on every Nintendo Account only one Nintendo TV and one Nintendo GO can be registered . But you can edit your devices from the Nintendo Account Website, so that you can free your account from the device without support, even if the device is broken or had been stolen.

For every purchased Game you earn Points, just like before with the Club Nintendo. New is an Achivmentsystem with that you can earn Points with playing. Achivments are similar to Puzzle Swap from the Nintendo 3DS Mii Plaza. Every Achivment opens up a Puzzle Piece of a Artwork or Animation. Got all Achivments of a Game and you can use the Artwork as Home Menu Background. The Points that you earn add up to a Score (Doesn't decrease if you spend points), it's like a RPG. Your Mii levels up and you can purchase Cloth and Accessories for it. You can also buy other digital goods like Home-Menu Themes etc. Or you purchase coupons for the Nintendo eShop. If digital goods are nothing for you than you can buy physical merchandise just like in the Club Nintendo.

There will also be a cashback system that Nintendo is currently testing in Japan. For each 10 Dollar that you spend in the eShop you get 1 Dollar back on your eShop wallet. With this and My Nintendo, Nintendo wants to tie the costumer deeper to Nintendo TV & GO.

Online Multiplayer on Nintendo TV and GO will still be free of charge! Nintendo TV & GO also come with a Party Voice Chat System and Text Chat is also possible. There will be a premium service called "Club Nintendo". Subcribers can use Cloudstorage to Backup Gamesaves online. They will also get free Virtual Console and Indie Games similar to the PS Plus and Games with Gold Games. Free Home-Menu Themes, Mii Gear etc. and also they can get new Physical Merchandise 24 Hours before normal users. Exklusiv Betas and Demos and eShop deductibles will also be possible.

Virtual Console on Nintendo TV & GO will include: GB, GBC, GBA, NES, SNES, N64.

Only for Nintendo TV & GO together: DS and 3DS (3D with 3D TV possible)

Pretty awesome what Nintendo got there! Iwatas last bomb will bring back Big N in a big Way! Thank you for everything! R.I.P Iwata!
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I don't believe much of this (if any) is true at all, but there are some cool ideas in there. It's been speculated for a while that the NX would be some kind of home / portable solution, so that part is pretty believable, but the details sound way too idealistic to me.

The specs for the consoles, who knows really. But the games and features of the console just sound like what everyone has been clamoring for. It's hard to put much stock in this when every feature is exactly what everyone wants. I mean, it IS Nintendo after all.

Some of the ideas in here are great, though. I never realized how appealing a 3D, open-world Mario game sounded until I just read that, for instance.

Game purchases are tied to your NNID instead of a console, a puzzle swap-like achievement system where you get an exclusive wallpaper for getting all the achievements, a 'PS Plus / Xbox Gold' equivalent, being able to play all the handheld games on the tv and vice-versa, etc.

This all sounds pretty great. Too great, honestly. I'd be super stoked if it were true, but seeing as this comes from a guy that says 'Nintendo showed me the NX at CES!' I really doubt it's very credible.
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I didn't read all that. I just know I'll always buy whatever system Nintendo releases. They aren't my favorite consoles but they are "must own" technologies to me.
honestly it all sounds too good to be true. system launch with a mario game? a legend of zelda year 1 release title. metroid. mario kart.

IF this happened. if it happened...it could literallly be the most devatstating launch of any system. seriously. fuck all the pretentious cawadooty playing. if nx came hard with those launch titles. no one would have an excuse not to own one.
if there's grass on the field play ball, if theres no grass well play in the mud!

[Image: 552668_466045736747521_1781916417_n.jpg]
Limited to 900p 60fps

[Image: F47Mb2J.jpg]
I highly doubt that's accurate.
[Image: 0UkGE74.gif]
If they do a PS4 port for NX I am fucking there! Shit even if I could just get it on my smart tv or Amazon or whatever.
(01-21-2016, 09:19 AM)Nebraska Wrote: I highly doubt that's accurate.

The power supply not included gave it away LOL
[Image: F47Mb2J.jpg]
900p for the demo/play testing sounds perfectly normal. It's near-finalized hardware in a locked up temp case with unoptimized cooling likely locked up in a room with a bunch of others just like this. On top of that they're probably running an unoptimized old version Linux Kernel which will add to heat and hardware stress.

Final console we see at E3 will be final hardware in final case with optimized cooling. Software will probably not be done however. That'll be a day one update I'm sure. I wouldn't worry too much until they unveil it and talk about it.
(02-09-2016, 08:11 PM)Reggie Wrote: I'm in love with Jodie sweetin's tits

Are they revealing the console this year?

This is a make or break on whether I buy the console or not. Wii-U was a huge disappointment in terms of games released, quality, just the overall feel of the entire console itself. Most normies don't even know Wii-U is a separate console.

I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if the new Zelda game was released on the NX.
[Image: F47Mb2J.jpg]

[Image: R_fElouW%20large-noscale.jpg]
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I had a little bit of hope they would learn and go easy on the gimmick shit this time, but this is a new level of retardation. If it's even real.
[Image: F47Mb2J.jpg]
What am I even looking at?

Also, after the Wii U. I'm done with Nintendo. Hot garbage. Not one redeeming quality.
I wish they'd go the Sega route, not entirely go under...but at least make the big games (Mario, metroid, Zelda) available on Sony and Microsoft.
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Nintendo would never go third party, except for mobile because it's the biggest market out there. People buy Nintendo consoles to play Nintendo games. Most people don't even know Wii-U is a separate console still.
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(03-17-2016, 10:41 PM)Wiggz Wrote: What am I even looking at?

Also, after the Wii U. I'm done with Nintendo. Hot garbage. Not one redeeming quality.

Tablet with physical buttons In the screen.
Yeah. Nintendo is only good for putting Mario games on my phone now. There's no other reason I need this company for.
Even though I wish they'd stop with the gimmicky stuff, I will always buy the next Nintendo console. There hasn't been a single console they've released that I haven't played the hell out of. I'd say the Wii was the low point for me (I really like the gamepad on the Wii U honestly), but even then there were still some killer games on the system.

Who knows if this is even real though. It could be some fan who threw it together to make it look like those weird trademark pictures that were revealed months ago. I dunno. If it is real, I have faith that they will do something cool with it, but yeah, this looks like it might be a bit too gimmicky.
[Image: 0UkGE74.gif]
I'll have to have more info before I make a true final decision. But if I'm buying anything for gimmick sake it's going to be PlayStation VR. It's going to take one hell of a Mario game for me to buy the NX though.
If there's anything they're really good at, it's making games that work really well for their gimmicks.

Too bad no one else is LOL
[Image: 0UkGE74.gif]
[Image: 4EPpKis.png]
The gamepad was running UE4 on it

sec 5-6
[Image: F47Mb2J.jpg]
To me the PS Move was way better than the Wiimotes. Well, really all I'm saying it all the Sports Champion games were better than all the Wii Sports games. My opinion.
Looks like a bad photoshop to me.
A) You can see the buttons sorta poking through as if the graphics were a transparncy. I doubt they would forgo physical buttons for touch buttons.

B) I don't think you can get a full color screen that weird of shape with that small of bezel.

We'll find out in a few months. I'll be sure to give a report from the floor of E3.
[Image: 3GJrzHf.jpg]
I don't think it's photoshopped. If anything it maybe looks like an image cut out and placed on the controller to resemble the patent. If you've never seen it, here's the patent image from months ago:

[Image: nx_patent_1.jpg]

The UE4 thing is interesting. That could be good news for Nintendo, since their consoles have had a rough time running UE in the past. If real, of course.
[Image: 0UkGE74.gif]
That shape for a controller/screen is just all kinds of no to me.
I really don't know. I would have to mess with it first. I'm not a fan of touch screens either believe me, but I'm still curious what they are planning to do with it.
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The Jared Leto stories from the set of suicide squad makes me not want to watch it, he sounds like a self important douche.

Like somebody else I know.

Hi Nebraska!!
[Image: 1bfbfe_475c6013db4449d4874b98d9d4b3baf4.gif]
As far as a controller that shape, no biggie. Had a cheesey 3rd party PS1 controller long time ago with that same shape, it's actually comfortable (The mushy buttons and knife-sharp d-pad on that controller is another story). As for a touch screen being there, I can see a pretty awesome advantage. Might even be feasible to port of PC games using the touch screen to add dynamic, situation-specific buttons. As long as the dev takes the time to make sure they're in the most useful positions possible it could be great. For example, let's say the new Zelda game has bombs in it like most do. You could use the touchscreen on the control to aim the bomb's trajectory without changing or combining controls, even use the dynamic and situation-specific touch controls to detonate the bomb while never changing the default control scheme.

I'm willing to try it. I hope Big N decides to license the same way the other 2 do so we can have actual ports instead of those terrible edited rebuilds.
(02-09-2016, 08:11 PM)Reggie Wrote: I'm in love with Jodie sweetin's tits

This will be their Dreamcast.
Wasn't the Wii-U their Dreamcast?

But that would imply that the Wii-U had good games which it didn't. Dreamcast shitted all over their library
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