This is the Mario Maker thread now
I played Ride the Wave 5 times and was like, nope. I was just going to get pissed if I kept trying. Haha.

I would guess Mario Maker 2 would be on NX. If the NX is as strong as they are saying it might be hopefully they can let us make 3D Mario courses. Never say never.
I don't know if anyone here even has this game nowadays, but whatev. I've been making a bunch of new levels recently. MAYBE THE GUESTS WOULD LIKE TO PLAY THEM.

Kaizo Training 1: Ride that POW!
[Image: DA9F-0000-02CF-101C_full.jpg]

Kaizo Training 2: Vert Shell Hop
[Image: 34CD-0000-02CF-11A2_full.jpg]

Kaizo Training 3: Bomb Ladder!
[Image: 2C8C-0000-02CF-1330_full.jpg]

Kaizo Training 4: Bomb Skippin'
[Image: DCB7-0000-02CF-9698_full.jpg]

Kaizo Training 5: Spring Time!
[Image: B3FE-0000-02ED-66DA_full.jpg]

Kaizo Training: Midterms!
[Image: 654C-0000-02F0-576D_full.jpg]

Kaizo Training 6: Long Jump
[Image: 90F2-0000-02F1-3FB2_full.jpg]

I'm into a thing right now alright?
[Image: 0UkGE74.gif]

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