Suggestion that should be implemented
When John Cena wins the KBC Title at....uhhh....that PPV next week can we have Cena's theme song playing on repeat in the background of the board?'ll play when you're browsing, whether it's on the computer or phone or whatever the hell else gets on the internet. That way even the non-wrestling fans can enjoy the board's champion!!

Eagerly awaiting my kudos for this revolutionary idea!!
[Image: John-Cena-Wallpaper_002.jpg]
Seconded, make it so
[Image: goodbye-748987.jpg]
you're going to be okay, thats what's going to happen. everything's okay.
we're right here beside you, we won't let you slip away.
plan for tomorrow, cause we swear to you, you're going to be okay.
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I approve of this idea.
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I'm on it.

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Only if its the Skrillex version

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My god that's horrid.

That... that's uhh... something...
(02-09-2016, 08:11 PM)Reggie Wrote: I'm in love with Jodie sweetin's tits

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