I can't be the only baseball guy here.
(07-14-2017, 06:54 PM)Opitiplex Wrote: He's being a dick. there should never be a veto option.

Yeah, it luckily didn't get vetoed.

Updated Fantasy Offense:

C - Wilson Ramos
1B - Anthony Rizzo
2B - Jose Ramirez
3B - Adrian Beltre
SS - Carlos Correa
OF - Mike Trout
OF - Nelson Cruz
OF - Marcell Ozuna
Util - Xander Bogaerts
Util - Matt Carpenter

Eric Thames
Evan Gattis
Starling Marte (about to come back from suspension)

With Trout back now, and with Carlos Correa, hoping to retake my #1 spot since I fell a bit while Trout was gone.
I have yet to drop from #1 but then again it's only a 10-team league so all you really have to do to win is remember to start your SP's.
[Image: tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640.jpg]
Everyone in my league manages their team daily, and I've become the joke of the league in that everyone over-performs against me since Week 3 without fail.

Opponents average .315 against me now like for 11 straight weeks. So my offense is ranked #1 overall, but I lose a lot of weeks offensively because even with a great offense, I some times can't manage to keep up with how good the random team I seem to playing does that given week. I may finally be playing someone this week that is batting reasonably. Playing the weakest offense guy in our league and he's currently batting .295 which at least is manageable.

And now with Correa gone immediately after giving me one whole at bat, I'm gonna have to survive without him, which I should be able to. My team is still better than most especially with Trout now back in there, hopefully getting Correa just in time for the last couple weeks of the season should give me a boost come Fantasy Playoff times.

Kinda hard to not just laugh at my luck immediately following my trade.

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