Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay

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So, basically the same as every other Batman.
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Not a bad thing!
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At wont point do the physics of gliding become actually challenged.
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Yea, why fix something that isn't broke.
As long as the story for this is better than Arkham Origins that's all I care about.

Arkham Asylum was incredible for a first game in the series.
Arkham City was petty damn fun, good follow up with a better story than the last one.
Then Arkham Origins just fell flat with me. Parts of the story were ok, but it seemed like little to nothing changed overall.
This is lookin promising as fuck.
Origins wasn't done by the same people that did the first 2 and now this one..that's why it just felt like DLC to Arkham City and did nothing to advance the series.

This will not be the case with Arkham Knight. Shit looks amazing.
They just added the Batmobile, which isn't bad. Everything else looked pretty carbon copy. Which also isn't bad.

I just re-beat Arkham City again about a month ago. As long as there's different missions and goals and shit to find it'll stay fresh with me...
They had a full length DLC Black Gate I think it was called? Anyone try that? It looked even worse than Arkham Origins did LOL!
I caved... They just announced an Arkham Knight Edition PS4 with the game.... Fuck. Ordered it.
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Yea that special edition PS4 looks dope
"grow the fuck up and beef it out on drunken late night phone calls like adults."

So any speculations on who Arkham Knight or whatever his name is? I figured it would be Red Hood but he's in this game at least as a bonus character.

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Man I am so fucking pumped for this with every preview that pops up. I heard there will be switching people in battle kind of like you would do with GTA 5, that's pretty fucking cool.
This game is why i bought a PS4
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Soon as the Deluxe Digital Edition is on the PS Store it's getting got quickly
Quote:The special edition of Batman: Arkham Knight that was due to come with a model of the Batmobile has been cancelled over quality concerns.

UK retailer GAME sent an email to pre-order customers (including our own Lee “Jackanape” Abrahams) yesterday informing them of the news.

"Regrettably, due to unforeseen circumstances that greatly compromised the quality of the Batmobile, included within the Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile Edition, Warner Bros has decided not to release this product," reads the email.

By way of compensation, GAME is refunding everyone who ordered the Batmobile Edition and offering them a £20 discount on Red Hood Edition. The Red Hood Edition comes with the Red Hood and Harley Quinn Story Packs, in addition to the game itself.

Those who’ve had their Batmobile Editions cancelled aren’t just missing out on the Batmobile, however. By accepting the downgrade to the Red Hood edition, they’ll also be missing out on an art book, a SteelBook, a limited edition comic, a statue and a exclusive character skin pack.

Understandable, they’re a bit peeved.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros has said that Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass holders will receive all of the in-game content offered up as pre-order incentives within six months of the game's release.

Speaking on the game's official forums, Warner Bros’ community admin Yorick said, “This includes the Harley Quinn and Red Hood Story Packs, as well as any Batmobile or Booster Pack that was available as early bonuses for pre-order of the game."

Reviews are starting to roll in for this game...they're good. Very good!

10/10 Polygon
10/10 Videogamer
9.5/10 Game Informer
9.2/10 IGN
7/10 Gamespot (definitely seems to be the outlier)

Polygon went so far as to call it the 'best game of this console generation'

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Sometimes I just go to my PSN library and stare at the countdown. I'm so ready for this game.
Midnight release tonight son!
Mines already downloaded. Just staring at the countdown, tormenting me. This is going to be a long day.
Man I wish I would have done a digital copy instead of physical...
When you do digital does it do the update file before release too? Like tonight i'll have to install the physical copy and then download the update...does digital go ahead and knock that out for you?
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Yep. Already have Game and Patch and DLC all downloaded and installed.

Digital is the way to go. I'll never buy another physical copy. Well, I'm buying Rock Band 4 because I need the instruments.

And every Batman collectors edition has been delayed. I feel bad for those people.
If I wasn't such a minimalist and sold every game I didn't play more than once or in forever then I would totally do digital. The main upside is all that downloading is already down, the downside is after I beat a game I wouldn't be able to trade it in while it is still worth a damn towards another game I want.
Digital = Game Sharing = More Games
I think the delays are only in UK. My bad.
Welp I got it at 11 last night, an hour early, and I still didn't get to play because I passed out on my couch waiting for the update to finish downloading, all my bonus dlc stuff like the skins, Red Hood Story, Harley Quinn Story, and Scarecrow Nightmare Missions didn't finish downloading till almost 5 this morning!

Will be tearing this up tonight for sure though since my ESO game is fucked now...
Digital unlocked at 11. started playing at 11.

Played about 4 hours. Goddamn game of this gen so far.

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