Official 2015 Royal Rumble Betting Thread
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The Royal Rumble Match. Here are the known participants so far:

Roman Reigns
Daniel Bryan
Bad News Barrett
Bray Wyatt
Dean Ambrose
Big Show
The Miz
Dolph Ziggler
Luke Harper

[Image: 20141215_LIGHT_Rumble_Match_HOME_triplethreat-logos.jpg]
Viking Space Lord Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena vs. Seth Rollins

[Image: 20150106_LIGHT_Rumble_Match_HOME_UsosMizDow.jpg]
Usos vs. Miz & Mizdow

[Image: 20141215_LIGHT_Rumble_Match_NattyPaige_Bellas_HP.jpg]
Paige & Natalya vs. The Bella Twins

[Image: 20141215_LIGHT_Rumble_Match_HOME_NAO_Ascension.jpg]
New Age Outlaws vs. The Ascension

[Image: 20141215_LIGHT_Rumble_Match_HOME_Kickoff%20b.jpg]
New Day vs. Adam Rose, Cesaro, & Tyson Kidd
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For those of you who don't remember, the Rumble PPV is the one that could mean big points for whoever picks the winner. So if you pick the correct guy, you could leap ahead big time. From the rules:

Quote:If you correctly pick the winner of the Royal Rumble match, the points you get will be determined by whichever of the following scenarios grants the most points:

A. The number of entrants remaining to enter the Royal Rumble after your pick has entered (For example, if you pick Daniel Bryan to win and he enters at number 15, you would receive 15 points because 15 people would enter after him)

B. The number of participants who your pick eliminated (For example, if you picked Roman Reigns and he eliminated 10 people and won, you'd receive 10 points)

C. The length of time that your pick spent in the Rumble match (for example, if you picked Randy Orton and he lasted 30 minutes before winning, you'd receive 10 points. If this option is picked, the rate is 1 point per 3 minutes. We will round up or down if necessary)

So pick your Rumble winner first. Everything else goes below it. For instance, here's my picks:

Rumble: Roman Reigns
5. Usos
4. New Day
3. The Ascension
2. Brock Lesnar
1. The Bellas
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Cesaro kidd rose
Paige natty daddy
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(01-23-2015, 07:02 PM)tehgiftofgab Wrote: Cesaro kidd rose

Really? Cesaro & Kidd have lost every match to New Day since they debuted. You really think the Rumble will be when Vince finally decides to let Cesaro win a match?
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Rumble: Daniel Bryan
5. Usos
4. Brock Lesnar
3. Ascension
2. New Day
1. Bellas
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Even if it means I lose, I really want Will to be right on that Rumble pick.
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Wow I picked it first thanks

(01-23-2015, 07:20 PM)I Am Not Avery Wrote:
(01-23-2015, 07:02 PM)tehgiftofgab Wrote: Cesaro kidd rose

Really? Cesaro & Kidd have lost every match to New Day since they debuted.

Exactly. Plus I'll be there, if they do not win we will have a problem
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We should take bets on how Kofi Kingston will get back into the ring without being eliminated.
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I'm guessing the Adam Rose posse turns on Adam Rose and saves Kofi by crowd surfing him around the ring and then tossing him back in.
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Other than the Rumble and the Championship match... that is a VERY shitty lineup of matches.

Win the Day!

[Image: vS1CaHG.png]

Yeah, it's a 2-match show, no doubt.

Usos/Miz's could be fun, simply because those 2 teams have wrestled so much that they have it down to a science. They'll always deliver a reliably fun 10-12 minute match, even if it's the same shit you've seen a million times.

In other news, I watched last year's Rumble for fun (on the WWE Network for only $9.99) and man, I forgot just how bad the crowd turned on that shit. They shat all over the Cena/Orton match, and when Mysterio came out at #30, deeeaaaar fucking god...
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Also, I just realized that every single match is a multiple person match anchored by 4 fucking tag team matches.

Win the Day!

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Ughh I was about to make this, then I see I was beaten once again.

Oh well.

Paid and Free

Daniel Bryan (Rumble winner pick)
5. The Ascension
4. New Day
3. Usos
2. Paige & Natalya
1. Brock Lesnar

I could've sworn they said this year's Rumble was gonna be another 40 man one, then they started saying 30 man recently. Wassupwitdat
I love that like only half the people for the rumble have been announced hoping for mad surprises woohoo!!
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(01-23-2015, 08:34 PM)Zack T Wrote: Ughh I was about to make this, then I see I was beaten once again.

You got married and had a kid and suddenly you're late every month posting these and fucking up everyone's points in Fantasy League.

Get your priorities straight man! Family or wrestling forum, pick a side, we're at war!
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Wrestling forum > family

Allllll day
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We get to see DDP in the rumble this year.

[Image: camsolo.jpg]

#bang #ddpyoga
[Image: 4mWpL7U.png]
Booker T wins the Rumble
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Awesome! Heard A rumor DDP was in it but never confirmed. Would be cool if he gets a HOF spot this year. If Elizabeth isn't announced to go in with Macho then that's total bullshit

RUMBLE - bryan
6 - seth rollins cashes in
5 - new day
4 - ascension
3 - usos
2 - bellas
1 - lesnar
I like that, for the first time in several years, we really don't know which way the top 2 matches are going to go
What worries me is that, neither does WWE.
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I would love it if the Dudley's made an appearance. I see Brock winning and Seth cashing in then Brock entering at number 1 and Reigns number 30 lol yeah right
Brock won't be in the rumble, you crazy Smile
Haha, UN that was gonna be my original guess (Rollins cash-in) but I can't see him as champ at Mania. I guess he could drop it back to someone before that but I dunno.

Rumble Winner - HOOOOOAAHHHHHH!!!!! (Reigns)

5- Usos
4 - New Day
3 - Ass Itchin'
2 - Bellas
1 - Brock

I remember putting my faith in WWE creative last year and picking D Bry to win even though it had been reported numerous times Botchy was winning the Rumble. Then Botchy did win & my pick didn't even enter after losing to Bray Wyatt in the first match of the night. I'm not making that mistake again.

TLDR - Reigns eliminates Bryan, Ambrose & Ziggler at the same time to win.
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I know just saying lol
well, i look at it like this:

this is the only chance to make up ground in points. So, going all in isn't going to hurt.
Touche bro.
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you're going to be okay, thats what's going to happen. everything's okay.
we're right here beside you, we won't let you slip away.
plan for tomorrow, cause we swear to you, you're going to be okay.
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