I never know whether to make this in the game forum or wrestling forum. I'll choose here to update as the roster and other announcements are made.

Quote:2K has officially announced that Sting will be coming to WWE 2K15 as a pre-order bonus at participating retailers. Known as one of WCW's most iconic wrestling personalities, Sting will be included in WWE 2K15 as both his early brightly coloured, blonde, flattop-haired look and his later, more contemporary black and white face painted "ghost-like persona".

"The only thing for sure about Sting is nothing’s for sure, except my debut in WWE 2K15," said Sting. "I’m honoured to have my legacy immortalized in a video game. It’s showtime!"

Sting made his WCW debut in 1991, and has competed against the likes of 'Hollywood' Hulk Hogan, Rick Rude, Vader, The Four Horsemen, Ric Flair and the nWo. You'll be able to play as Sting in WWE 2K15 when you pre-order the game, which is out on October 28th in North America and October 31st internationally, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

I don't understand why they needed Sting body doubles for that commercial.
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Maybe it wasn't for that commercial. Could be for something else. 2+ Stings surrounding the ring, real one jumps on whoever.
I already said in the other thread about it I'm not gonna get it. But i do wonder if it will be different cause the last three have had the same caw system, same story maker, universe mode etc.

If I could upload the caws I have already made from 14 to 15 and they had a bunch more other ahit different then I would think about it.
Theybe had the same caw system for almost a decade. I doubt it will change that much. I never make people I always download everyone else's creations. People but crazy time and detail into the wrestlers that aren't in the game. The Sting, Stardust, DDP, Usos, etc. Are almost flawless. Specially when I download and add their real entrance music. It fits well. I'm pissed PS4 doesn't support music. It's the only reason I've preordered both the PS4 and Ps3 versions of 2k15. Fuck it.
Ps4 doesn't support music?!? Why? So on ps4 u can't do custom entrance themes? May get this for 360 after all
Nope. Sony left out the DNLA (or whatever letters it's called) for the PS4. They said they are going to add support later. But as for right now, nope. No custom entrance music for 2k15.
They've announced the "Why isn't Hulkamania dead, we'll just keep shoving Hogan in your face" Special Edition. I'll pass. (EDIT: just seen the other thread that was made for this.....oh well)

Quote:2K games has pulled back the curtain on this year’s collector’s edition for WWE 2K15, and boy is it a doozy. WWE 2K15 “HULKAMANIA” Edition will be available exclusively for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it’s packed with some genuinely collectible stuff, which when you think about it, is actual rare for most so called “collector’s” editions, and it's available for pre-order now on Amazon

Here’s a rundown of everything your $99.99 will get you should you manage to get your hands on one of the 25,000 of these being made:
•A copy of WWE 2K15
•Premium packaging
•Collectible art card hand-signed by Hulk Hogan
•Exclusive Funko “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan vinyl figure
•An actual piece of the ring canvas from Hogan’s Monday Night Raw appearance on March 10th, 2014
•Two playable pre-order launch exclusive Hulk Hogan characters
•Two playable pre-order launch exclusive Sting characters

The stand outs here are the collectible art and the ring canvas. Lots of collector’s editions have “signed” pieces in them, but Hulk Hogan actually sat and signed each of these himself, one by one. And an actual piece of ring canvas? That’s like if a basketball game came with a piece of the net from your favorite player’s big game. Pretty cool if you actually fancy yourself a collector of memorabilia.

[Image: WWE2K15-Collectors-Edition-Content-720x625.jpg]

I've got a hogan shirt swatch also gonna frame all of this and male a awesome hogan tribute frame foe the mancave
Oh man Ive uploaded hundreds of metal/punk/whatever songs to my Xbox and use them for all my CAWs. One reason I love this game so much is the amount of creativity you can put into it.
Awesome wall art for a mancave.

The CAWs are what keep me coming back to WWE2k14. I wish I could upload some of the entrances I've made. With my studio equipment I can make some spot on entrance music.
I wish I could upload all of my stuff for people to see as well.
I'm pissed that the mode I want (CAW Career mode basically) is exclusive to PS4/Xbox One.

Won't be picking this up til I get one of those, which will not happen for quite some time.
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I hated the career mode for 2k14 u could pic the wrestlers but the AME picked the outcome they really need to get back to the modes they had in smack down vs Raw games
Quote:Now for what really makes this year's edition so special, at least for those gamers who have a next-generation console.

IGN.com's Vince Ingenito provides a brief breakdown of what is known so far about the incoming game mode:

“This mode has been lifted from NBA 2K14 and adapted to the WWE environment. While I didn't think the mode had the right synergy with the NBA, the WWE seems like a logical place to apply it. Imagine replacing all those cheese-ball, amateur hour characters and cutscenes with authentically voiced and [motion-captured] WWE Superstars. You get the picture. Exact details of the mode are still forthcoming, but we do know that it will be on the current-gen version only.”

The game comes equipped with a traditional story mode, too. But the real focus here is the freedom given to fans to create their own wrestler in a robust creation mode and then toss him or her into the fire that is WWE programming.

As Ingenito hints, the formula was a wild success in the NBA realm, but absolutely seems better suited for the unpredictable, character-driven WWE reality.

The ability to take an unknown wrestler with a horrific overall rating to the top of the WWE food chain is appealing for obvious reasons, and is only made better by the extra juice these new consoles have provided the developers, as podcast host TubbyEmu helps to explain:

If it sounds like the perfect marriage, also ponder this—WWE has a unique opportunity with this release, in tandem with the WWE Network, to introduce an entire new generation of fans to the promotion's illustrious past.

Doing so with a created character is the proverbial cherry on top. Realistic dialogue, the actual voices of those involved and mo-capped movements means this will be the best iteration in the series to date.

It also represents uncanny fan service, so the avalanche of hype one can hear on the approach is much deserved, to say the least.

Eh in my 2k14 game I took out all of the actual wrestlers from WWE and have all my original CAWs in there. The only E person I still use for Universe mode is Goldberg, cause my buddy would have made him anyways if he wasn't in the game.
Quote:It will also be presented like a mini documentary produced by the WWE themselves, so we will see live action interviews as well as other video cuts. 2K emphasized that they want moments played out exactly the same way they did on TV.

Quote:On Chris Benoit: 2K: “Can’t comment on it today.” It’s unsurprising, but also the quesiton I wanted to ask, given WM20. They’ll go into match details for the Showcase mode later on.

Fuck it, I'm pumped.
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That's fucking gay. Why are they only putting CAW storymode for XB1/PS4? Can't they drop GM/Universe mode or something to have it in all the versions?
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Tried to preorder hulkamania version at GameStop and they said it only showed one copy in their system and it sold before they evenknew oit was available wtf? Where would be a good place to get the deluxe edition at launch?
I preordered it at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/WWE-2K15-Hulkamani...B00MCC343O
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I preordered both the PS4 and Ps3 versions from Amazon. Not the Hogan one though because, ya know, it's hogan.

I'm pumped. It's my anniversary gift LOL
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That is cool. But with things like that I always doubt that it's actually what they claim it to be. HaHa. Plus I don't really care for the Hogan or Hollywood DLC characters. I have never picked them once on 2k14
Quote:If I were forced at gunpoint to describe what I played in one word, it would simply be “different.” Now don’t freak out, that’s not a euphemism of some kind. I’m not grasping for a polite way to tell you that Yuke’s and Visual Concepts screwed the pooch. In fact, I really dig the direction 2K15 is taking the franchise. It’s a very clear step down a path that few wrestling games have ever walked. I’m here to tell you that WWE 2K15 is, for lack of a better term, a wrestling sim.

Don’t get me wrong: it hasn’t turned into something so complex to play that casual fans won’t know what’s going on. But the balance, pacing, and weight of everything has been tuned to fall more in line with the actual performances you see on Monday nights. Some of this comes down to little things, like the height of the ropes (which has never been accurate, by the way). But there are also a good deal of big things – new systems and mechanics that drastically change the way you play wrestling games.

Take the grappling system as an example. Just go ahead and eliminate any thought you had about walking up to your opponent at the start of a match and just delivering a DDT or a backbreaker because they failed to counter it. That’s just not how a match in the WWE starts, so when you press the grapple button in the early stages of a match in WWE 2K15, it initiates the new chain wrestling system.

Wrestling fans know the drill: the two wrestlers go right into a classic collar-and-elbow lockup to jockey for position. It starts like rock, paper, scissors – with each player pressing one of three face buttons, and the winner advancing to a more advantageous position. From here, both players play what is essentially a lock-picking game, rotating the right stick until they find the “sweet spot,” and holding it there to improve their respective situation. During this time, the player with advantage can land strikes, or even wrench whatever limb they’ve grabbed a hold of. It’s a lot more like the opening stages of a real match than running right up to your opponent for a spine-buster the moment the bell rings.

During this period, you can still do running or standing strikes, as well as Irish whips, so you still have options, but the full extent of the grappling game doesn’t open up until some decent damage has been dealt. Speaking of strikes, I criticized WWE 2K14 for how silly its super-speedy attack chains looked, but I won’t be able to say the same of 2K15. Strikes come out at a speed more in line with how actual people punch and kick, making attack chains more deliberate and satisfying to land. It makes exchanges a lot less breezy, but is a fight between two 300+ pound men supposed to be breezy?

Grappling has undergone another key change: the four intermediary grapple stances are gone. Once you’re out of the opening chain-wrestling phase, you just press or hold the grapple button along with a direction to launch right into a move. You can still do a basic headlock to set up rudimentary moves, and the returning limb targeting system, but your core grappling moves will come right from standing. Again, this just makes sense. Once the “feeling out” period is over, how often do guys put one another into a specific hold before doing a suplex? They don’t; they just do it.

Many subtle elements serve that same theme of, “Does that happen?” Animations were captured in a full, regulation-size ring this year, and all the in-game rings were rebuilt to proper scale to compensate. It changes how wrestlers look compared to their surroundings, how fast they get to the ropes off an Irish whip, and how they climb the turnbuckle. All these subtle things that have been wrong for so long are finally right, and while no one thing truly pops, the sum of it all is a more believable match.

It doesn’t end there, either. 2K15 packs a new stamina system that you absolutely must manage if you want to succeed. Running in circles around the ring to escape your opponent might seem like a fun way to troll someone online, until you’ve burned your wrestler out to the point of no return and you’re throwing spaghetti-armed punches for the rest of the match. That might not sound like the fun you want to have with your wrestling game, but it’s the exact kind of thoughtful limitation that I’ve been missing – the kind that has always kept matches from truly mimicking the storytelling and psychology of the matches I grew up loving.

For some fans, these changes are going to sound scary, but for me, they’re exactly what I’ve been missing for years. The central question I always ask when playing any game is, “What meaningful choices am I getting to make right now?” And as much as I’ve played and loved WWE games over the years, the answer has usually been, “Not many.” But with this departure in form, I think that’s going to change for me this year, and that has me excited to play more. IGN Logo


Sounds like a step in the right direction for me.

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Man those graphics. Finally it doesn't look like a playstation 1 game. Seems like a lot of dancing around during the gameplay
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Great, now they've got Cesaro jobbing on video game demos.
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Them graphics do look pretty awesome. I can totally tell the ring ropes are the right height now. I hope the game is a little bit smoother on the final version. I hopes that's beta gameplay
Man o man Vince why did you have to commit to making a game every year...
Most likely, at least I hope so. If it's a bit clunky in the final I'll be upset but not totally pissed, as long as they fox it the next year. If it's supposed to be a wrestling sim, like fore pro, I can see it switching back to arcade like wrestling after a year or two. I loved fire pro tho...and a firenpro like game with wwe wrestlers and these graphics...uuugh...

Fire Pro
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