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Balor hardly knew her
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More like winn Balor

I can’t pick between those 4!
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Balor? I Hardly Knew Her! and What Is a Fergalo are my favorites.

I'm hesitant to even change the name yet though because I'm sure Balor's just going to lose it back to Dolph or Drew tonight on Raw anyway. KBC title is a hot potato lately.

Other notes:

- Drew McIntyre's 2 reigns are now combined for a total of 69 days. Nice.

- This is Finn Balor's first KBC title reign. He is the 25th man to hold the KBC title.

- I really want to make one of those NJPW-style champion videos that they play before every IWGP title match, showing all the past champions. But it just seems like too much work, especially if I tried to keep it up to date.

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What is a Fergalo

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