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ITT: we make fun of ourselves
We give each other so much hell over such stale shit.
So give yourself some hell and provide fresh ammo
I used to write icp lyrics on all my notebooks. It led to more than one trip to the principal/guidance counselor.

I once colored my dick blue and green with permanent markers. I was about 20 and on a lot of drugs.

I'll wear the same pair of jeans like a billion seperate times before I finally wash them again. My cue to wash them is usually when they actually start to smell like a fart themselves.
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you're going to be okay, thats what's going to happen. everything's okay.
we're right here beside you, we won't let you slip away.
plan for tomorrow, cause we swear to you, you're going to be okay.
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My name's not Chazz. It's Chester.

Win the Day!

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I used to wear corduroy pants!
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I've been posting on a message board for years and absolutely no one knows me. Fucking LOSER!
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i think youre all fags

o wait? what?
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im a noodle armed fgt
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I won't eat alone. People can be in another room or same place, but I can't eat by myself at home. Like no one around.

I have a very low tolerance for repeated annoying sounds. Like a 5 year old sucking in his spit repeatedly for 10 minutes. I say stop. Please stop. Then I yell, STOP!
Some songs do this as well with guitar solos.
(03-17-2016, 02:01 PM)Wiggz Wrote: Jimmy King had a broken back and was paralyzed but he hopped out of his wheelchair and whooped Kanyon in Memphis. Then Sting broke six bones in his neck with a bat and in two weeks he came back and ruled ass.

Jimmy King > Sting

My name really is Avery.

/I'm not sorry if I tricked you.
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@dangy, why is that w the food thing?
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I cut my penis while manscaping. I had to do a hospital visit and surgical glue was used. I often bang fat nasty chicks and I love it.
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I blew a bunch of coke once, and shit myself the next day when I farted......
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Here's some that are true.

I can only sleep with one sock on at night on my right foot. My left foot has to be bare and uncovered. I will toss and turn all night if I forget to take my left sock off.

I truly used to masturbate... constantly.

I'm a true closet Backstreet Boys fan. I have been since I first heard them in the 7th grade. Another side story to this. I used to live in a duplex with some neighbors above us. The lady who lived there had nieces that would come and visit every summer. They were over the week that BSB was coming to town. My brother just so happened to be home the day that the hot sister came over and asked if somebody wanted to go to the concert with them, he accepted. I was legit pissed that A. He got to go to the show and B. I really really really wanted to bang the hot sister and felt that this would have been the perfect opportunity. Boy was I bummed.

My favorite movie of all time is Legends of the Fall and it makes me cry every time. It's the only movie that's ever made me shed a tear.

Win the Day!

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(04-23-2014, 12:57 PM)Dangyes Wrote: I won't eat alone. People can be in another room or same place, but I can't eat by myself at home. Like no one around.

I eat most of my best meals alone. When no one is home is when I can cook and enjoy myself most.

Did you have a choking scare or something? Because I was home alone and choked on an ice cube one time and I was thinking to myself that I'd be found dead on the floor by whoever and was like man that sucks, but then the ice cube melted enough for me to cough it out. The experience hasn't changed my habits any but it was scary for a minute.
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[Image: xENONYMOUSx.png]
I'm 22 and one time in 7th grade I wrote the first verse of cpk in a notebook and told this chick in class they were my lyrics and I totally just thought of it off the dome heheh
[Image: 4mWpL7U.png]
I actually enjoy all things Spice Girls and Aqua.
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Hell yeah let's make fun of ourselves.

One time when I was 12 my mom walked in my bedroom while I was jerking off.

That's all I have for now ... /burnout
Also back to the food thing, I had a girlfriend once that was like too shy or something to eat in front of people, my mom thought she was a nutjob,.turns out she was

She was kinda poor and lived in a one story house w her room right next to the living room and one time I guess we were banging too loud and her dad made jokes about it, I felt super awkward.... She also had a psycho dog they had to keep tied up and one time the piece of Shit bit my finger
[Image: 4mWpL7U.png]
I had to throw away a feather mattress topper once in 2006 because I got drunk and pissed in my sleep. Washing it didn't really help so I just stuffed it in a Hefty bag and threw it away.
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I jerked off in a lake once.
[Image: 1313106612668_edit0.jpg]
Sal is a bitch juffalo
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I used to write ICP, Twiztid, and Dark Lotus lyrics in my notebooks too during high school. Hell, we had a senior project in English involving putting songs in this folder with lyrics you identify with and mine was ALL ICP, Twiztid, and 1 Coldplay song...Clocks Smile

I had wrestling matches at school sometimes. Once during lunch, my friend Alex gave me an F5 and somehow I pulled something in my leg and it hurt and made me walk with a limp for afew days. Other times, me and my friend James would wrestle after school in the old empty sections of the school or in the empty football field.

I participated in this ROTC field day event in my Junior year I think it was... It was just a day where kids in ROTC got out of class and did fun stuff on the track field. I decided to represent my class in this obstacle course, and I was pumping myself up in front of the whole "corps" by doing Brock Lesnar's little side to side jump thing. Then I started to run the course, and I went to jump over a hurdle because I had a wicked high jump at the time, but my foot dragged and caught the top and I face planted in front of everyone.
I'm rapidly approaching 40 years old and I still like ICP and pro wrestling.

I'm still a Detroit Lions season ticket holder.

I'm friends with Big Hoodoo on FB.

A couple winters ago I was kickin' it with this chick and when I got her naked she had hairier legs than me and her crotch was a jungle too. I still ate the pussy.

I didn't lose my virginity until late 17/early 18 (can't remember which) making me next to last in my crew. To make it worse it was with a girl I had known forever but she lived 45 minutes away so my boys thought she was made up until I let them talk to her on the phone.

When I was younger I got pulled over with a known gang member in my car so the city of Inkster put me on their gang file and contacted my mom. When I got home and she confronted me about it I did Cuba Gooding's Boyz N Tha Hood scene to a tee....and I was serious.
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I didn't lose my virginity until I was 18 and a half, and had graduated high school. And true to the song, when I hit my first Neden my homies were in the other room.
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I've spent so much time here that most of what I see, hear, and do reminds me of a person or story I've encountered here. That's why it used to be easy to make fun of the ones I don't like, and stay up to date on the lives of the ones I do like. My memory and the effort I've put into trolling are ridiculous but I've wasted it on a message board instead of something worthwhile, like becoming a private investigator and making money for basically doing the same things in real life.
(10-14-2016, 06:39 PM)jewgalo Wrote: Boooom... ^^ That guy fucks...

(10-18-2016, 03:54 PM)Tim Wrote: that guy is awesome

(10-18-2016, 11:29 AM)cowshoe Wrote: I'm so fucking gay for that guy.

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I often fall for the most beat up and abused women I can find... I take great pride in believing I can "fix them" only to get cheated on and used countless times before I finally let go.

I enjoy finding a weak person at the gym and try motivating them to be the best they can be... only because I am starting to fear my best was long ago Sick

I often feel like I can really offer something great to this world in general... then decide it's just not worth it and don't try at all

Although being sober the last 14 almost 15 months and losing 85ish pounds has been great fun... I miss the insanity of drinking and living like an asshole.... I consider letting go and having "one last run" almost daily
"First You Must Learn To Smile As You Kill"
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I'm a Mets fan. And a Jets fan. Frown
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(04-23-2014, 03:05 PM)Enon Wrote: I'm a Mets fan. And a Jets fan. Frown

I pooped my pants at work about a year ago. I had diarrhea, tried for a tiny fart and got more than I bargained for. Thankfully, as a security guard at the time, I was able to just sit in my office until my wife came up with fresh underpants and pants for me, about 30 minutes later.
I love you guys so much right now. Seriously, I mean that

One time I was eating this chicks pussy that tasted and smelled so fucking bad I threw up on it a bit while she was in my mouth and I swallowed my vomit back down and kept going

I fully plan on getting a green power ranger tattoo at some point

I do not feel like I should have been born in the decade I was born, I've always felt like I shouldve been born in the 50s
[Image: goodbye-748987.jpg]
you're going to be okay, thats what's going to happen. everything's okay.
we're right here beside you, we won't let you slip away.
plan for tomorrow, cause we swear to you, you're going to be okay.
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I have a Riddle Box tattoo.
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When I was in the 8th grade I had a wrestling meet and I had to wrestle a female. Roughly 20 seconds into the match she rubbed my balls a certain way, hormones went awry and instantly got wood. Coach made fun of me because you can't really hide it in a singlet.

I once ran with the Tragedy 503 crew. Ugh.

I also once had a crazy fascination with butt plugs. Never used one myself or seen one used in person. Just thought they were interesting.

Also, I LOVE everything 80's. Greatest decade ever.

Win the Day!

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