Official WWE Money In The Bank 2013 Betting Thread

John Cena © vs Mark Henry - WWE Championship

[Image: 20130624_EP_LIGHT_MITB_matches_HW-champi...mepage.jpg]

Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio © - World Championship

[Image: 20130621_EP_LIGHT_MITB_matches_7man_homepage.jpg]

Kane vs Randy Orton vs Rob Van Dam vs CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan vs Christian vs Sheamus - WWE Contract Money In The Bank Match

[Image: 20130626_EP_LIGHT_MITB_matches_WHW-champ_C-homepage.jpg]

Wade Barrett vs Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow vs Dean Ambrose vs Fandango vs Jack Swagger vs Antonio Cesaro - World Contract Money In The Bank Match

[Image: 20130701_EP_LIGHT_MITB_matches_miz-axel_C-homepage.jpg]

The Miz vs Curtis Axel © - Intercontinental Championship

[Image: 20130701_EP_LIGHT_MITB_matches_Divas_C-HOMEPAGE.jpg]

AJ Lee © vs Kaitlyn - Divas Championship

[Image: 20130624_EP_LIGHT_MITB_matches_JERICHO-R...MEPAGE.jpg]

Chris Jericho vs Ryback

[Image: 20130701_EP_LIGHT_MITB_matches_tagteam_C-HOMEPAGE.jpg]

The Usos vs The Shield © - Tag Team Championships

Total of 8 announced matches.
8 - The Shield
7 - John Cena
6 - Alberto Del Rio
5 - Daniel Bryan
4 - Ryback
3 - Curtis Axel
2 - AJ Lee
1 - Dean Ambrose

Free Version:

8 - Daniel Bryan
7 - Dean Ambrose
6 - Alberto Del Rio
5 - Ryback
4 - Miz
3 - Shield
2 - Kaitlyn
1 - Mark Henry
They really should have just thrown Jericho and Ryback in MITB matches...
You know, I woulda thought they'd have a stipulation of whoever wins would get added to one, but I guess not. Kinda odd.
They could do it to fill Kane's spot.

8 - John Cena
7 - Curtis Axel
6 - AJ Lee
5 - Dolph Ziggler
4 - Daniel Bryan
3 - Ryback
2 - Uso's
1 - Damien Sandow
[Image: camsolo.jpg]

8 - The Shield
7 - Axel
6 - Daniel Bryan
5 - Ryback
4 - Aj
3 - Ziggler
2 - Ambrose
1 - Henry
Ziggler needs The World Title back, and I even like the way they had ADR capitalize on Ziggler to win the title back.

It kinda goes down to, Ziggler was a heel when he cashed in for the Title against face ADR, then shortly after Ziggler won the title he began to turn face, and ADR began to turn heel, ADR then won the title back not even a month after as a heel, against face Ziggler. It evened things out but it also gives Ziggler the chance to get a clean legit title win as a face, which will show he deserves the championship.

Ziggler is insanely over at house shows right now, but they really need to get him the strap back and push him away from ADR as fast as possible.
[Image: camsolo.jpg]

Man, this PPV is actually kinda difficult to predict....

8 - The Shield
7 - Cena
6 - Curtis Axel
5 - Daniel Bryan
4 - AJ
3 - Ryback
2 - Sandow
1 - Del Rio
[Image: jx9SHdi.png]

It is tough as fuck Peezy, there's a lot of "Man I just don't know, it could go either way" for most matches.

The World MITB match is fuckin hardest I think, cause they've done absolutely jack shit to pump it up. Cesaro looks "strongest" going into it, because he's actually been having matches and mostly winning (except a loss by DQ to Dolph on TME this week). Dean Ambrose hasn't even involved himself in the match build-up who knows. They seem to be playing at something breaking up Team Rhodes Scholars, so maybe Cody or Damien will win (more likely Damien than Cody) but who knows.

I'd love it if Cody won, I'm a fan of his and I have him in fantasy league. I'd also love it if Dean won, I have him too.

I think Dolph will win the World title back, but not quite yet.
soooooooooooooo fucking stoked i'm going to this live

and since im going to it live im gonna pick who i WANT to see win

[Image: 4mWpL7U.png]
[Image: Chaos.png]

Cesaro isnt nearly the strongest. I also gurantee you Cesaro/Swagger implode during the match and cause eachother to not get the case..

Dean Ambrose IMO is the strongest going in, still defending the US title, him winning the MITB will have him dropping the title shortly after, and then Cesaro or Swagger can pick it up, which is where it belongs, on a member of team Zeb.

Super difficult to predict, since they are willing to give Wade Barrett chance after chance after chance to become a main eventer, some say he may have traded in his IC title for the MITB case.. but I really dont think the E! would be smart to do it.

Either way, Sandow would be the best holding the case other than Ambrose, but both of those guys would sell it hard.

Bryan winning the case unless Bray Wyatt actually does some crazy shit, gets in and finds a way to win and holds the case until his time comes is the best scenerio, then he can just choose to use it at Summerslam against Cena, win clean or who knows, maybe Henry will lose and then just injure Cena badly and have him sit out, having Daniel Bryan capitalize on injury to win, but it would be dope if Bryan could get a legit clean win for the WWE title.
[Image: camsolo.jpg]

dbry wins mitb case, henry beats cena clean, cena goes mega heel and destrooooyysssss henry after the match, dbry comes out and cashes it in leading to heel cena vs face dbry! yes ! yes! yes ! yes !
[Image: 4mWpL7U.png]
I don't think Cena destroying Henry after the match would turn him heel at all, given that Henry is already heel. Shit, he'd probably get cheered for it just for doing something unexpected.

I don't think Wade's gonna win it. This whole year, he's been a glorified jobber. Virtually the only matches he won are title matches, and some of those he walked out on or won by DQ or something. Otherwise, he lost match after match to virtually everyone he fought. He even lost to Sin Cara for fucks sake, while he was still IC champ.

I would think that if he were gonna win the briefcase, he'd be made to look a little stronger. Not necessarily as strong as say, Daniel Bryan, but ya know...last year, Dolph had lost some shit too heading into MITB, but he at least had a strong fan support behind him because he's fucking awesome and he HAD won some shit anyway. Wade just doesn't have that.

I think Dean is the most likely choice, but it's still tough to call.
I think itd be pretty awesome for Dolphs career as a main eventer if he won the title back at MITB.. Then one night after being attacked by ADR or Big E or whoever he is beefing with at the time, the case holder comes out, and ziggler still fights back and pins the guy, making it a failing attempt at cashing in, they dont need to let every case holder cash in and succeed.
[Image: camsolo.jpg]

2-Daniel Bryan

You guys picked some fucking wild ones...
Im probably gonna end up changing Sandow to Ambrose before the PPV comes haha.
[Image: camsolo.jpg]

You're picking Kaitlyn f00, you the wild one
(07-11-2013, 05:59 PM)doctorpunch Wrote: You guys picked some fucking wild ones...

Yeah I have a feeling this PPV is gonna blow everybody's scores all over the fuckin' place.
[Image: jx9SHdi.png]

It definitely is. Watch us all be wrong and D Bryan doesn't win the MITB, nor does Sandow or Wade or Dean. RVD wins MITB and Fandango does too.

Watch the USO's beat the Shield and Jericho beat Ryback and Henry beat Cena and Dolph/Del Rio be a draw or some shit.
I bet Uso's to beat the Shield.
[Image: camsolo.jpg]

[Image: bacon-cheese-pizza-burger.jpg]
You know you're missing #6 rank bet, which apparently for you is the World MITB match right Ant?
8 - Curtis Axel
7 - Shield
6 - Daniel Bryan
5 - Dean Ambrose
4 - AJ
3 - Cena
2 - Alberto Del Rio
1 - Ryback

8 - Axel
7 - AJ
6 - Henry
5 - Randy
4 - Damien
3 - USOs
2 - Jericho
1 - ADR
[Image: ThisIsTheEnd_zps5a63a906.jpg]
8- John Cena
7- AJ Lee
6- The Shield
5- Axel
4- Ryback
3- Del Rio
2- Wade
1- Randy Orton
3-Daniel Bryan
2-Del Rio
1-Wade Barrett

4-Daniel Bryan
3-Del Rio
[Image: 21cyopi.jpg]
8- The Shield
7- Del Rio (with AJ/BigE turning on Dolph)
6- AJ
5- Ryback
4- John Cena
3- Curtis Axel
2- Daniel Bryan (they're booking him to look like such a favorite at this point that I wonder if they'll go with someone else for the "surprise" factor)
1- Wade Barrett
[Image: mk7s79.jpg]

I hate you all.....seriously
8 shield
7 axel
6 cena
5 aj lee
4 ryback
3 bryan
2 del rio
1 cesaro

i think my chances of repeating last months performance is approximately 1%

edit - paid
[Image: topdogg.jpg]
Free Version:

8 - Daniel Bryan
7 - Ziggler
6 - Ambrose
5 - Ryback
4 - Cena
3 - Usos
2 - Kaitlyn
1 - Miz
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Ant I've always wondered, is that you in your avatar or some guy in a band you like?

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