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I think we should make a whole fucking forum of the sub genre for Lunadan to post about laptops and ask people what he should buy because he can't google that type of thing he needs board members to tell him i think this is a great idea! let's go!
Lady Agag, don't you agree Lunadan is a motherfucking bitch made sucka?
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I think Lunadan just needs to L2G(Learn2Google)

sorry he sucks bro
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i need 2 fucc who is dow to cumm on my dicc dats so damn attractive!
My nigga whats wrong?
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wut up koo?

Nothing mane, just always bored and shit on here ha. I am hungry as hell, got a bit of a tooth ache that has been fucking with me for a while too! Sucks ass, you doing alright cuzo?
I read about you wanting to make a "lunadan sub forum" but I took it as a sub forum about subs (sandwiches)

Now that's an idea. We can talk about subs all day in our own sub sub forum
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Lets go back to the drawing board boys
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