Fantasy Footballalos (2012 Fantasy Football Thread)
Got a spot left in my ESPN league. It's 50 bucks for buy-in but payment won't be due until before the season starts. 350 for 1st place, 150 for 2nd, 100 for 3rd. Draft is Sunday at 8 p.m. EST. If anyone wants in let me know.
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1 more day. I know someone in here wants to get in on this!
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Let me do it for free and if I win I won't take the cash and it can be split between the other 2 winners
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Negative. Nobody gets a free ride.
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I suppose we can use this thread as our Fantasy Football thread of the year. Post your line-ups, celebrate here when your team wins and bitch when your team loses.

My first team of the year for my league looks like:

QB- Aaron Rodgers
RB- DeMarco Murray
RB- Roy Helu
Flex- Isaac Redman
WR- Roddy White
WR- Brandon Lloyd
TE- Jacob Tamme
DST- Baltimore Ravens
K- Jason Hanson


BE- Ryan Fitzpatrick
BE- Robert Meachem
BE- Toby Gerhart
BE- Santana Moss
BE- Mike Goodson
BE- Greg Olsen
BE- Brandon Lafell
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don't judge too quickly, i won a championship last year LOL
Will your team isn't great, reached for ARod I'm guessing, Helu might not even be starting and with Shanny, whos cares if he is anyways
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Meh. Isaac Redman should start most of the season for Pitt and if Meachem breaks out in San Diego that will be a good flex option. With Rodgers, there isn't a whole lot more you need. Dude averages close to 29 fantasy points per game.
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Team Name:
Suck My Vick N' Schaub My Knob

Team Logo:

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Work league, just drafted:

QB- Ben Roethlisberger
RB- Ray Rice
RB- Adrian Peterson
RB/WR- Roy Helu
WR- Roddy White
WR- Steve Smith
TE- Brent Celek
DST- Bills
K- Rob Bironas

RB- Shonne Green
RB- Jahvid Best
RB- Kevin Smith
WR- Percy Harvin
WR- Lance Moore
WR- Torrey Smith
TE- Tony Moeaki

I kind of put all my eggs in Ben's basket so hopefully he remains healthy enough to just be his steady self. And AP is a risk but I'm not too worried, I have flex depth...
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Wow. Someone else took a chance on Helu too.

Erich, you would have been so frustrated in our draft Saturday. I've never seen QBs and WR's fly off the board so fast.
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In my work league Brees, Brady and Rodgers all went first round and Stafford and Eli went round two! LOL By round 4 or 5 all other teams had picked a QB so I knew I didn't have to rush take a QB until around 7 or 8. It was either Ben or Palmer. :/

And I'm pissed that I missed your league this year. I always enjoy kicking your ass. But you drafted the one weekend of the year that I'm not near an internet connection, the first weekend of August. I'm in PA at the Wayne County fair that weekend and have been for the past 15 years. It's never been a problem before. The only time we ever drafted that early and it was an issue was that one loooooooooonng ass draft we did in the thread on SFU years ago where each person got a day or so to pick and the draft lasted like 2 fn weeks. But that time I think Paul called me and got my draft pick once or twice, I really only missed two rounds the whole weekend LOL
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Yeah I was very saddened you couldn't make it this year. The reason it was held so early is because my cousin is leaving for Europe tomorrow for a month and I wanted to make sure we drafted before that happened.

At least you can enjoy beating me in the SFU league!
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Post your KBC league line-up

QB-Drew Brees
WR-Mike Wallace
WR-Jeremy Maclin
WR-Vincent Jackson
RB-Ryan Matthews
RB-Fred Jackson
TE-Tony Gonzalez
K-Stephen Gostkowski
DST-Houston Texans


QB-Matt Schaub
RB-Ahmad Bradshaw
RB-CJ Spiller
RB-Michael Bush
WR-Santana Moss
WR-Darrius Heyward-Bey
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QB - tom brady
WR - calvin johnson
WR - aj green
WR - julio jones
RB - peyton hills (maybe not starting week 1 on my team)
RB - darren sproles
TE - aaron hernandez
K - phil dawson
D/ST - chicago bears (maybe not starting week 1 on my team)


WR - josh gordon
QB - brandon weeden
RB - mike tolbert
RB - ben tate
WR - rueben randall
D/ST - cleveland browns
QB- Phil Rivers
WR- Roddy White
WR- Larry Fitzgerald
WR- Percy Harvin
RB- Matt Forte
RB- Darren McFadden
TE- Antonio Gates
K- Matt Bryant

RB- Steven fn Jackson
RB- Shonn Greene
RB- Mikel Leshoure
WR- Torrey Smith
WR- Santonio Holmes
WR- Denarius Moore

Take a look fellas, at a championship team in its infant stages Pimp

Side note: My team is projected to be the 2nd highest scoring week 1....
The one team projected higher than me? Yup, my week 1 opponent of course. :/
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i won that last year, it means dick LOL

[Image: draft.png]
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I do my keeper league draft over Thursday night and all day Friday. Shit takes us seriously a day and a half. It's nuts
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Well we just argued about proposed rule changes for an hour and a half. Now day 1 starts.
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I remember when we had the SFU draft 2 years ago and it took like a week. Really sucked.
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Finished the actual draft part of my team. Fucking stoked with my team....

QB- Dalton
QB- Flynn
QB- A.Smith
QB- Freeman

RB- Foster
RB- McCoy
RB- Martin
RB- Spiller
RB- Helu
RB- Benson
RB- Blount

WR- S.Smith
WR- Jennings
WR- D. Jackson
WR- Moss
WR- D.Moore

TE- Finley
TE- Cook

DEF- Arizona
DEF- Cowboys

10 team league. We play 2QB, 3RB, 3WR, 1WR/TE, 1 TE and 2 DEF

I have 3 too many players. I had 8 picks of the first 30. I picked Blount simply to see if Martin crashes. Blount will be cut. I will trade one of the qB's, many teams need a third.

Seems like I have 6 RB but Spiller is available at WR so he will play there. Got Helu last pick 3rd round. Benson with the last pick of the 6th round.

I don't have a stud QB but I'm ok with it. Freeman works out in laughing and if Jackson has his season 2 years ago or close to it. I'm laughing. I need some breaks but I like my team plus I didn't sell my future picks/$$$ like half my league did this year.

I posted this in the KBC thread. My bad.

Fuck kickers
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I could never play in a format like that. Way too much work for me.
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Oh believe me. It's a ton of work. $80 a guy.

I've finished 3rd, 3rd and 2nd the first 3 years. I was 13-1 in the regular season last year and lost in the final.
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SFU League is going down on Sunday!
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Heres my one team

QB Tony Romo, Dal QB
RB Darren Sproles, NO RB P
RB Knowshon Moreno, Den RB Q
WR Julio Jones, Atl WR
Roddy White, Atl WR
TE Antonio Gates, SD TE
FLEX Demetrius Byrd, FA WR
D/ST Ravens D/ST D/ST
K Sebastian Janikowski, Oak K

How's that look? I was a lil drunk last night so this morning I dropped moreno and picked up michael bush from CHI.

I also got another team

QB Philip Rivers, SD QB
RB Peyton Hillis, KC RB
RB Reggie Bush, Mia RB
WR Larry Fitzgerald, Ari WR
WR Hakeem Nicks, NYG WR P
TE Tony Gonzalez, Atl TE
FLEX Dez Bryant, Dal WR
D/ST 49ers D/ST D/ST
K David Akers, SF K

How do these teams look? Anything you'd change?

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