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Discuss. (The Liz Crowe saga is now complete)
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what the shit?
[Image: 08df709e-f7f6-49dd-94b7-f06d6072c7df_zpscd06348a.jpg]
KidEx Wrote:jae with glasses is like a vagina with hair, it may not look as good but it's still pretty fantastic.

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Chris, why are you fingering your asshole?
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burn in
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why is it censored?
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Bitch has sausage fingers.
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What is there to discuss?
There's an extremely pixelated screenshot of a butthole getting fingered.

Ivan Ooze can relate.
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Buttholes are boring
[Image: 08df709e-f7f6-49dd-94b7-f06d6072c7df_zpscd06348a.jpg]
KidEx Wrote:jae with glasses is like a vagina with hair, it may not look as good but it's still pretty fantastic.

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(05-24-2012, 10:50 AM)Ivan Ooze Wrote: [Image: vinnymac.jpg]

Caught me way off guard. Can't stop laughing.
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What's a whitetrashprincess?

That's obviously in TinyChat..
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This will take me a while to edit through but here is a start. I cut out a lot of useless stuff or side conversations (you can tell by the time stamps) but the best is yet to come:

[12:34 AM] guest-10736 changed nickname to idreamofjesus
[12:34 AM] cowtzu: this all sounds like shit with my old lady
[12:34 AM] cowtzu: talk shit about a nigga on the internet
[12:34 AM] idreamofjesus: Put the milk bags away
[12:35 AM] idreamofjesus: ewwwwwww
[12:35 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Sorry I can't help it
[12:35 AM] idreamofjesus: yes you can
[12:35 AM] idreamofjesus: get a knife
[12:35 AM] idreamofjesus: cut them off
[12:35 AM] idreamoftitties: igonre that guy
[12:35 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: No
[12:35 AM] idreamofjesus: profit
[12:35 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I love my titties
[12:35 AM] the: its the thing I love most about you
[12:35 AM] idreamofjesus: JD will buy them for a quarter and a slice of pizza
[12:35 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: They're the only thing that turned out awesome on my body
[12:35 AM] notjds: Hey now
[12:36 AM] notjds: I got 5 pizzas chilling in my oven homie...
[12:36 AM] notjds: The price has gone UP!
[12:36 AM] notjds: a quarter and 3 slices of pizza
[12:36 AM] idreamofjesus: Maybe it is better than the rest of your body, but they aren't awesome
[12:36 AM] notjds: yahurrd
[12:36 AM] the: BOOMM
[12:36 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: And I have some that will dissagree
[12:36 AM] thatguy: I'll put you on the list
[12:36 AM] idreamofjesus: Yeah, if I were homeless I would say nice things to you too

[12:37 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Dude I'm fucking with now has his own place thank you
[12:37 AM] notjds: Lol
[12:37 AM] notjds: Where's your own place!?
[12:37 AM] idreamofjesus: Wow how adult of him
[12:37 AM] the: LOL
[12:37 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: At my MOMS
[12:37 AM] notjds: I jk I don't really care. Heart
[12:37 AM] notjds: Eh
[12:37 AM] notjds: I can't say anything. :V
[12:38 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I don't ever want to leave my mama again
[12:38 AM] idreamofjesus: What street do you live on
[12:38 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: She's amazing
[12:38 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: *Censored from KBC*
[12:38 AM] idreamofjesus: lol
[12:38 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: ITS A *Censor* NOT A STREET btw
[12:38 AM] idreamofjesus: Yeah, unlike your boyfriends I can read
[12:38 AM] idreamofjesus: ya big dummy

[12:39 AM] idreamofjesus: Jesus JD, I can smell you from here
[12:39 AM] notjds: I'm sorry Frown
[12:39 AM] notjds: Open a window
[12:39 AM] idreamofjesus: Take a shower
[12:39 AM] notjds: NOU
[12:39 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I did this morning Frown
[12:39 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Oh not me
[12:40 AM] idreamofjesus: Thats not enough
[12:40 AM] notjds: YEAH
[12:40 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: YES IT DOES
[12:40 AM] idreamofjesus: Your smoke makes you smell almost as bad as your rotten milk tits
[12:40 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Oh I'm sure
[12:40 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I smell like rotten sunday trash
[12:41 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: TASTE THE AIR BITCH
[12:41 AM] thatguy: Alright, I'm fucking off now
[12:41 AM] thatguy: Later guys
[12:41 AM] idreamofjesus: Where are the hot people at?

[12:42 AM] idreamofjesus: Give us a tour of your place Liz
[12:42 AM] idreamofjesus: I'm collecting evidence for CPS
[12:42 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: WHy it's trashed right now, I've been gone for a week
[12:42 AM] the left the room.
[12:45 AM] imjds: im glad you turned the hot water back on
[12:45 AM] imjds: it was getting stinky down here
[12:45 AM] notjds: No problem buddy.
[12:46 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Oh damn
[12:46 AM] notjds: I think imjds is Sal
[12:46 AM] notjds: We actually saw sal in the shower
[12:46 AM] idreamofjesus: If that is Sal then who am I?
[12:46 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: ROBIN
[12:46 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I guess youre not RObin then
[12:47 AM] idreamofjesus: I'm BATMAN!
[12:47 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: YEAH
[12:47 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I have a cool batman cup but it got stolen
[12:47 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: IT HAD A FUCKING CAPE AND EVERYTHING
[12:47 AM] idreamofjesus: Pawned is more like it
[12:47 AM] notjds: YA GOT ME AGAIN
[12:47 AM] imjds: haha
[12:47 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: No I got it after I broke up with chuck
[12:48 AM] idreamofjesus: her awesome shithole and her saggy boobs
[12:48 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: My body wouldnt fit in the screen dude
[12:48 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I'm too fat for that shit
[12:48 AM] idreamofjesus: Youre too fat to take a shit
[12:49 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I do only shit like twice a week
[12:49 AM] idreamofjesus: I got a screenshot but her tits sagged to the floor and covered up the nipple
[12:49 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I STEPPED ON THEM THATS WHY I ALMOST FELL
[12:50 AM] idreamofjesus: Lets all fap to the sound of eachother fapping
[12:50 AM] imjds: brb i need milk to go with these raw cookie doughs

[12:50 AM] idreamofjesus: There she does to take her 2nd shit of the week
[12:51 AM] idreamofjesus: I bet another baby comes out
[12:51 AM] guest-10898 changed nickname to jaydee
[12:52 AM] idreamofjesus: Dont make fun of JDS' weight
[12:52 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Rawr
[12:52 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: >.>
[12:52 AM] jaydee: wow you got chunky
[12:52 AM] idreamofjesus: I hear if you make JD cry, mayo comes out
[12:52 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I got fat after I got banned
[12:52 AM] jaydee: No way
[12:53 AM] notjds: Not mayo
[12:53 AM] idreamofjesus: JD and Liz in a pose-off: GO!!!
[12:53 AM] notjds: A POSE OFF!?
[12:53 AM] idreamofjesus: You are so white my eyes hurt
[12:54 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: My ass is TOO white
[12:54 AM] jaydee: You pick winners. and its uncommon for the regulars to not be here
[12:54 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Wide*
[12:54 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: ..>
[12:55 AM] jaydee: and Im the realest JD here
[12:55 AM] idreamofjesus: prove it
[12:55 AM] notjds: Ignore who!?
[12:55 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Wait.
[12:55 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I have a terrible tramp stamp I'm not proud of
[12:55 AM] idreamofjesus: prove it
[12:55 AM] jaydee: Jaydee has gotten big, and most women do
[12:55 AM] jaydee: dont trip
[12:55 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: It's just all kinds of not pretty down there
[12:55 AM] idreamofjesus: besides the one on your chest
[12:56 AM] jaydee: LOLOL
[12:56 AM] notjds: Lemme see the trampstamp :C
[12:56 AM] notjds: :V
[12:56 AM] jaydee: Pwnt
[12:56 AM] idreamofjesus: ROAST BEEEF
[12:56 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I had enough room for the thing K?!
[12:56 AM] idreamofjesus: You have a fat, beefy twat and dont you dare lie
[12:56 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: The fattest
[12:57 AM] jaydee: Will you invite your MGK BF to KBC
[12:57 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: He doesn't work computers too well
[12:57 AM] notjds: Brb
[12:57 AM] jaydee: Gastric bypass
[12:57 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: He's pretty but stupid, thats why I like hime
[Image: tumblr_pljv1rJI9t1rwax6fo1_400.png]
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give us treh tl;dr version
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Tldr, can't wait for Crowe to see this
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tight ring, yo. :p
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Aw man, this thread is fucking awesome now.
(09-30-2018, 12:03 PM)Nebraska Wrote: I would 100% bet that guy is a beanophile

(10-14-2016, 06:39 PM)jewgalo Wrote: Boooom... ^^ That guy fucks...

(10-18-2016, 03:54 PM)Tim Wrote: that guy is awesome

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did I leave at the wrong time last night.

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I know I did.
(09-30-2018, 12:03 PM)Nebraska Wrote: I would 100% bet that guy is a beanophile

(10-14-2016, 06:39 PM)jewgalo Wrote: Boooom... ^^ That guy fucks...

(10-18-2016, 03:54 PM)Tim Wrote: that guy is awesome

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wait is taht lizcrowe chick the pixelated butthole?!
[+] 1 user Likes tehgiftofgab's post
That is the most pixelated screenshot I have ever seen. The fuck.
[Image: uTt1eS9.png]
Thats the way to earn fans here. Way to go!

If SolaR and I break up ima come on chat and show MY butthole!
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change if to when, you aren't getting any younger LOL

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(05-24-2012, 02:42 PM)User Name Wrote: change if to when, you aren't getting any younger LOL


Very true!

WHEN we break up, I will post my titties and go show my butthole on chat. Not like anyone wants to see my ass LOL
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I totally left at the wrong time. FUCK
[Image: 10-girls-sexy-funny-gifs.gif]
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i should've stayed awake longer and went into chat.

my day is slightly ruined :p
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UserName we had at one time 13 people in there AT ONCE! omg
[Image: 10-girls-sexy-funny-gifs.gif]
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Your thread is about to do Iron Man numbers.

This has been like the best month, maybe in KBC history.
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Ok so I gotta bounce soon. I'm not going to do a TL;DR version of any of this because I know it'll be fun to go back and read some day. Like I said, we haven't even started the real fun yet. For now, here is this:

[12:58 AM] jaydee: It looks like LizzyJae gave her pregnancy weight to jd lmao
[12:59 AM] idreamofjesus: She looks like Cage - who would hit this with anything other than a bat?
[12:59 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: He's kinda right
[12:59 AM] jaydee: chunks with glasses should roll together

[12:59 AM] idreamofjesus: I didn't know that food stamps bought nail polish
[1:00 AM] jaydee: LOL
[1:00 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I'm not on food stamps
[1:00 AM] notjds: Lmfao
[1:00 AM] idreamofjesus: They kicked you off?
[1:00 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I make enough money to feed my kid
[1:00 AM] jaydee: Cause Crowe was on her case
[1:00 AM] jaydee: Once they broke up they didnt report that
[1:00 AM] idreamofjesus: Doing what? Working? lol jk guys jk lol
[1:00 AM] jaydee: So they got in trouble for fraud
[1:00 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Yeah ^ that
[1:01 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: THat's why I had to run and hide in AZ for a while
[1:01 AM] jaydee: And crowe came all the way there to troll you liz?
[1:01 AM] jaydee: He is looking for jobs there n shit

[1:02 AM] idreamofjesus: JDS does not look like he is hard to find
[1:02 AM] notjds: I'm the one going blind and fat
[1:02 AM] jaydee: You couldnt lose JD in japan dawg
[1:02 AM] idreamofjesus: follow the trail of sweat and the sound of coughing
[1:02 AM] notjds: Hey now
[1:02 AM] notjds: I don't cough that much
[1:02 AM] notjds: Frown
[1:02 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Speaking of coughing
[1:02 AM] jaydee: Your fat clogs your throat

[1:02 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I'm already buzzing sooo
[1:02 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: That's why I snore too
[1:02 AM] jaydee: And crowe came all the way there to troll you liz?
[1:02 AM] notjds: Liz
[1:02 AM] notjds: LIZ
[1:02 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: WAHT?
[1:02 AM] jaydee: He is looking for jobs there n shit
[1:02 AM] notjds: ELIZABETH
[1:03 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Yeah pretty much
[1:03 AM] idreamofjesus: buzzing? I think its a heart attack you fat fuck
[1:03 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: No he's never going to look for work dude
[1:03 AM] jaydee: Wow youre not even hot
[1:03 AM] jaydee: That speaks volumes about hi
[1:03 AM] jaydee: m
[1:03 AM] idreamofjesus: No she isn't
[1:03 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I KNOW RIGHT? He could do so much better
[1:03 AM] idreamofjesus: Cage is not hot
[1:03 AM] jaydee: So could you
[1:03 AM] jaydee: Take JD
[1:03 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Call me whatever dude, it doesn't matter
[1:03 AM] jaydee: So you chuds will be off the scene
[1:03 AM] notjds: LEAVE ME OUTTA THIS
[1:04 AM] idreamofjesus: JD is way above Mrs. Cage
[1:04 AM] jaydee: No he isnt
[1:04 AM] jaydee: Theyre both CAGErs
[1:04 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I bet his titties are better than mine too Frown lame
[1:04 AM] idreamofjesus: Tom Hanks > JD > A dead animal > Mrs. Cage
[1:04 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Yay
[1:05 AM] jaydee: Tom Hanks>dead animal>mrs cage>jd
[1:05 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: My name was actually on it this time!
[1:05 AM] idreamofjesus: Yay what you idiot?
[1:05 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: No bitch, I'm the ugly one here K
[1:05 AM] idreamofjesus: Nobody is arguing that

[1:06 AM] idreamofjesus: You know what I like about your place Liz?
[1:06 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: What?
[1:06 AM] idreamofjesus: ITS NOT A FUCKIN TENT!
[1:07 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: YEAH
[1:07 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: It's an actual house, with a backyard and a frontyard
[1:07 AM] idreamofjesus: Hey Liz?
[1:07 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: OH OH AND BEDROOMS
[1:07 AM] jaydee: Oh well someone said camp out lo
[1:07 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Hey wat?
[1:07 AM] notjds: AND DOORS N SHIT
[1:07 AM] idreamofjesus: knock knock
[1:07 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Who's there?
[1:07 AM] idreamofjesus: Me! Crowe! Let me in! I'm dying out here!
[1:08 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: No dude
[1:08 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Just no Smile

[1:08 AM] idreamofjesus: Summer is coming around, time to harvest Liz's body hair
[1:08 AM] notjds: YOU'RE A SON OF A FUCK
[1:09 AM] notjds: Lmao
[1:09 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Im getting the dick often enough to at least shave my cooter dude
[1:09 AM] jaydee: or lack there of lmao
[1:09 AM] idreamofjesus: With an axe
[1:09 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: And I shaved my legs 2 weeks ago so they arent that bad
[1:09 AM] jaydee: Another white trash AZ dude with sub noiz tats
[1:09 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: He is kinda white trash
[1:10 AM] idreamofjesus: I bet your new bf loves how much your beard tickles him Liz
[1:10 AM] jaydee: TOTAL WHITE TRASH
[1:10 AM] jaydee: A I Heart TATTOED BITCHES
[1:10 AM] jaydee: shows how much respect he has for women
[1:10 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I keep it cut down for him
[1:10 AM] imjds: ah fuck i think im going to hurl

[1:11 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: He likes that I take care of his shit
[1:11 AM] jaydee: what shit?
[1:11 AM] idreamofjesus: He must have see Liz's face
[1:11 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Like his laundry his dishes, make him luch and bring him beer
[1:11 AM] notjds: Because you're not used to having shit :D
[1:11 AM] jaydee: You wipe his butt
[1:11 AM] jaydee: ?
[1:12 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Yes, I love wiping shit holes
[1:12 AM] guest-11042 entered the room.
[1:12 AM] idreamofjesus: Not your own though? Weird.

[1:14 AM] idreamofjesus: Lets play a game. I'm thinking of a number between 1-3. Hold up your nipples to show me your guess

[1:16 AM] jabroni: and hes one of my closest friends
[1:16 AM] jabroni: said hes been getting the shakes when he doesn't drink and all that
[1:17 AM] imjds: fucking spilled my ash tray on my blanket, now i have to wash that shit tomorrow
[1:17 AM] jabroni: he had molly and more coke and a nug covered in it
[1:17 AM] idreamofjesus: Is this story still going on?
[1:17 AM] idreamofjesus: Fuck, where is the FF>>?
[1:17 AM] jabroni: whos dreamofjesus anyways
[1:17 AM] idreamofjesus: Jabroni
[1:17 AM] jabroni: nic3
[1:17 AM] jabroni: sup bro
[1:17 AM] idreamofjesus: Not much, just being a douche like always
[1:18 AM] idreamofjesus: I've been having a good time giving everyone shit

[1:19 AM] idreamofjesus: whats your number
[1:21 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: ***-***-**** (Censored for KBC)
[1:21 AM] idreamofjesus: Your number, not your weight
[1:21 AM] notjds: :V
[1:21 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: No that would have been 187
[1:21 AM] jaydee: And JD no i got the one it came with
[1:21 AM] jabroni: oh snap!!
[1:21 AM] idreamofjesus: 187tons
[1:22 AM] jabroni: is that my nigga sal undy?
[1:22 AM] jaydee: They shouldnt make any controllers for fat fucks
[1:22 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Yeah that
[1:22 AM] jaydee: Enables you to sit around and be lazy
[1:22 AM] jaydee: which leads to you getting fatter
[1:22 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I havent touched my ps3 in weeks
[1:22 AM] idreamofjesus: Because Crowe pawned it?
[1:22 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Its sitting in my girls room
[1:22 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: No I took that shit from him quick status
[1:22 AM] idreamofjesus: Your girl lives at the pawn shop?
[1:22 AM] jaydee: Wow
[1:22 AM] jaydee: Youre a shit babymama
[1:22 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Yeah pawned her too
[1:23 AM] idreamofjesus: maybe now you can afford some decent shorts

I can't help it if someone elses webcam is complete shit. Although blurry as fuck, the pics get pretty entertaining. I'll post more when I find time.

[Image: tumblr_pljv1rJI9t1rwax6fo1_400.png]
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All came to see dat ass
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