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Discuss. (The Liz Crowe saga is now complete)


Probably that nigga jaydee always on my nuts.
[Image: 10-girls-sexy-funny-gifs.gif]
KBC Attitude Era. I can't wait for McCrowe to come back.
[Image: vlj8FW5.png]
damn, i saw the rest but not that.

fuck i left way too early
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Oh and a quick note to Cage - I wasn't making the comments to blast you dawg, she honest to god looked like you last night. Ask anyone who was there.
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cage - facial hair and nose piercing
LOLOLOLOLOL...the worst part is... to some little girl, that's MAMA! :\
pixels make it a close call LOL
i don't get it, why did she get naked? what a dummy
so far the dialogue isnt that compelling. mostly people calling her fat and her being a drunken slut. there are a few gems in there. im trusting chris when he says this will pick up as this has some really awesome potential.
think she'll be back?
we can keep our fingers crossed.
i'll even keep my toes crossed and just walk on my heels!

(05-24-2012, 03:23 PM)LADY AGAG Wrote: Is this allowed?

What, screen caps of some bitch flashing her butthole in a public chat room?

Yes, I think that's fine.


Probably that nigga jaydee always on my nuts.

As you see I was still JayDee as notJDS was posting so don't get on my nuts acting like I was on yours bro! It's still all Poindexter bro. As I said I gave her shit, she was laughing at it and wasn't bothered. I don't come here to break people down.

Calling it like I see it IS NOT breaking someone down. Read the first part carefully...LIKE I SEE IT. Not really all to you JD just in regards to any shit I say around here.

And it's perfecty allowed, Kipz just told me it was a fake rule to ban a certain poster who posted PM's.
Alright, it was earlier than I thought. I'm out for reals this time. It will get better during the second act. Again, I am just going through the chat convo now for my own lolz. The entire thing will be up within a day (the good parts anyway).

As a general FYI, I spoke with the board of directors who approved this as long as it didn't get too personal/out of hand. If it does then by all means, delete this. However, as the chat will later prove, Liz herself said she didn't care if this was posted.

[1:25 AM] idreamofjesus: So...what is everyone wearing?
[1:25 AM] idreamofjesus: Take off the glasses Liz
[1:26 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I cant see shit now
[1:26 AM] idreamofjesus: Clark Kent
[1:26 AM] idreamofjesus: Cage!
[1:26 AM] idreamofjesus: Its amazing
[1:26 AM] idreamofjesus: you have fooled us all along

[1:27 AM] idreamofjesus: jk, I like your breasts though....they are so, how do you say...meh.
[1:27 AM] jabroni: man this is intense
[1:27 AM] jaydee: When your daughter is aware youre a skank you will feel shitty
[1:27 AM] jaydee: Or aybe not
[1:27 AM] jaydee: Youll just fuck more dudes
[1:27 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: She's a year old
[1:27 AM] idreamofjesus: Her boyfriends dick is so big, she is lucky she can feel anything anymore
[1:27 AM] jaydee: And...shes getting older each day
[1:27 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I doubt she even understands that her dy and I broke updad
[1:28 AM] jaydee: She will think thats what love is
[1:28 AM] jaydee: 9/10 skanks produce little skanks, and yeah so what. I've known my baby mama since I was
[1:28 AM] jaydee: 16
[1:29 AM] idreamofjesus: I'm a skank. Hot bitchez send me nudes
[1:29 AM] jaydee: We've known eachother for 5 years JD
[1:29 AM] idreamofjesus: Medium rated bitchez...send me nudes too
[1:29 AM] jaydee: Atleast my girl wont go dyke on me lol
[1:29 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Oh speaking of dyke
[1:29 AM] idreamofjesus: Ugly me and we'll talk
[1:29 AM] idreamofjesus: hear that Liz - you gotta pay

[1:36 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Bitch googling my workplace and shit
[1:36 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Asking for my number
[1:36 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: You sure you ain't crowe?
[1:36 AM] jabroni: i grew mup in socal too.....
[1:36 AM] idreamofjesus: I WANT TO SEE MY DAUGHTER

[1:40 AM] idreamofjesus: this chat used to be fun
[1:40 AM] jaydee: ^
[1:40 AM] idreamofjesus: not a single bit of boob has happened
[1:40 AM] jaydee: ^
[1:40 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Ive been ruined
[1:40 AM] jaydee: ^\

[1:46 AM] idreamoftitties: we need some boobs in here. jds, take off your shirt
[1:46 AM] idreamofjesus: I remember this one chat Crowe and I had a while back and he was talking about liking
[1:46 AM] idreamofjesus: Liz's ass but she has a weird mark that turned him off\
[1:46 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Its a shit stain
[1:47 AM] idreamofjesus: Nope - it was his reflection!
[1:47 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Oh lol
[1:47 AM] idreamofjesus: I'm here to entertain folks
[1:47 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: It's not like he's hurting feeling
[1:47 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: +s
[1:48 AM] idreamofjesus: dont take anything I say seriously other than kill yourselves and get naked.
[1:48 AM] idreamofjesus: You pick the order

[1:54 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I'm fat enough you can all me two people

[1:55 AM] idreamofjesus: show us your hairy legs
[1:55 AM] idreamofjesus: look how quickly she spreads them
[1:56 AM] jaydee: LOL
[1:56 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: They were still technically closed
[1:56 AM] idreamofjesus: you dont know the difference anymore

[1:59 AM] idreamofjesus: Want another baby?
[1:59 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: NO
[1:59 AM] idreamofjesus: I can fix that shit
[1:59 AM] idreamofjesus: with my dick
[1:59 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Gonna get my tubes tied
[1:59 AM] jaydee: lol wtf
[2:00 AM] idreamofjesus: Yeah, that is what she is going to tell her next victim
[2:00 AM] jaydee: LOL
[2:00 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I only ever wanted one baby
[2:00 AM] idreamofjesus: jk, she clearly isnt in it for the child support!
[2:00 AM] idreamofjesus: EVERYONE STOP!
[2:00 AM] idreamofjesus: Hammertime!

[2:00 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS
[2:00 AM] idreamofjesus: Shake that ass
[2:01 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I'm not drunk enough for that shit
[2:01 AM] idreamoftitties: drink more then
[2:01 AM] idreamofjesus: Your face looks like an ass, but is not your actual ass
[2:01 AM] jaydee: WTF @wat
[2:01 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: My chin looks like a butt
[2:01 AM] idreamofjesus: I bet that is what her cunt looks like too
[2:01 AM] idreamoftitties: indubitably
[2:01 AM] idreamofjesus: a front butt
[2:01 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Im sure
[2:01 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Wanna see? Smile
[2:01 AM] idreamoftitties: indeed
[2:02 AM] idreamofjesus: You dont have the balls
[2:02 AM] idreamofjesus: OR DO YOU!
[2:02 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Guess you'll have to find that out Lol
[2:02 AM] idreamofjesus: Prove you aren't Cage
[2:02 AM] jaydee: I mean you let Crowe and that white trash loser see it
[2:02 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I have SOME self respect
[2:02 AM] idreamofjesus: She has no confidence
[2:02 AM] jaydee: No you dont
[2:02 AM] idreamofjesus: We know she has no respect
[2:02 AM] jaydee: Looka t that kid your datin
[2:02 AM] jaydee: g

[2:03 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: My vagina isn't hairy today
[2:04 AM] idreamofjesus: Bullshit
[2:04 AM] idreamofjesus: Look guys look *shrug*
[2:04 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Calling my bluff isn't going to make me show it
[2:04 AM] jaydee: So you plan on showing?
[2:04 AM] idreamofjesus: I bet the lips are inverted and concave
[2:04 AM] jaydee: How long til youre drunk?
[2:04 AM] jaydee: lol
[2:05 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: A while, I'm fat rememberr
[2:05 AM] jaydee: True
[2:05 AM] jaydee: But i thought you were white trash?
[2:05 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: True
[2:05 AM] jaydee: You LOVE when men downgrade you and treat you like shit
[2:05 AM] idreamofjesus: This is the longest workout she has ever had
[2:05 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I love to hear "BITCH GET ME A BEER AND A SANDWHICH"
[2:05 AM] idreamofjesus: Take a drink
[2:05 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: It makes me feel loves
[2:06 AM] idreamofjesus: A drink, not a sip
[2:06 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Fuck you
[2:06 AM] idreamofjesus: Maybe if u get checked first
[2:06 AM] idreamofjesus: Are those pink pants?
[2:07 AM] idreamoftitties: the finish the bottle
[2:07 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Yeah
[2:07 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Pajama pants
[2:07 AM] idreamofjesus: I thought maybe your labia was just stretched out
[2:08 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: My pussy is plump, but it's not a gnarled out
[2:08 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Oh wait
[2:08 AM] idreamofjesus: I have my doubts. Maybe you have never really seen it
[2:08 AM] jaydee: LOL
[2:08 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: No I can't dude
[2:09 AM] idreamofjesus: Can't what
[2:09 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Gotta use a mirror when I rub one out
[2:09 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: See my pussy
[2:09 AM] idreamofjesus: Yeah but even then, odds are the angle aint so great
[2:09 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: OH GOD GOTTA PEE
[2:09 AM] idreamofjesus: pics or it didnt happen

[2:13 AM] idreamofjesus: Bullshit. You have a flat ass
[2:13 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Lol okay
[2:13 AM] jaydee: And I fuckin love it
[2:14 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: I got a good ass
[2:14 AM] idreamofjesus: FLAT
[2:14 AM] jaydee: Pajamas dont do it justice
[2:14 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Hahahaha
[2:14 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: No
[2:14 AM] idreamoftitties: not saying i wouldn't get behind it, but it is kinda flat
[2:14 AM] idreamofjesus: YES
[2:14 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: BULLSHIT
[2:14 AM] idreamofjesus: there aint shit there
[2:14 AM] jaydee: YES!
[2:14 AM] jaydee: YES!
[2:14 AM] jaydee: YES!
[2:14 AM] jaydee: FLAT
[2:14 AM] idreamofjesus: A drag strip has more curves
[2:14 AM] elizabeth_scanlon: Okay
[2:14 AM] jaydee: Its like flat and hooks in lol

And another preview of what's on its way:

[Image: tumblr_pljv1rJI9t1rwax6fo1_400.png]
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hell yeah! im afraid drunken consent isnt consent though.
that bitch wasnt drunk
spit on those tits baby. so classy.
ewwww is she spittin on her boob?
looks like she hocked a loogie ew
last thing i want to do while beating off is spit all over my chest.
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his girl got payed for it. she's a whore.
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that was a lot of spit.
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(05-24-2012, 03:41 PM)LADY AGAG Wrote:
(05-24-2012, 03:25 PM)Paynus Wrote: As you see I was still JayDee

[1:27 AM] jaydee: When your daughter is aware youre a
skank you will feel shitty

So, how is she a skank for showing shit on cam... and Your girl is not?


(05-24-2012, 03:42 PM)cowtzu Wrote: his girl got payed for it. she's a whore.

check mate

(05-24-2012, 03:43 PM)User Name Wrote: that was a lot of spit.

she was saving it up for that moment. had to have been.
when i drink, i get a dry mouth, i guess. i would never have that liquid saved up.
im sure she has done that many times before. seems like something that would take practice and time to get right.
hahahahahaha when Crowe said he hit rock bottom I am willing to be my entire pay check he didn't have this in mind.... A++ :D
"First You Must Learn To Smile As You Kill"
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(05-24-2012, 03:00 PM)Chris Wrote: Oh and a quick note to Cage - I wasn't making the comments to blast you dawg, she honest to god looked like you last night. Ask anyone who was there.

So this is why I was asked if I was on Chat last night on twitter.

Also I take mucho offence... I'm prettier than that bitch!

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