NCAA College Football, Now w/ Playoffs
Didn't Taggart try and reach out last minute but it was too little too late?

Helfrich couldn't fucking recruit. Flat out. The success he did have was off of Kelly's recruiting and that started to show once those players left the program. I was baffled at the time when they didn't even throw a glance his way. I remember hearing about how it was his dream to follow in Mariota's footsteps here. Seeing what I saw last night and then remembering that Braxton Burmeister is our current backup hurts my head.

Win the Day!

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I hope Urban learned one thing from Saban last night which is that playing favorites doesn't always get you where you should be.
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Allegedly, Tua was/is looking to sit a year and go to UCLA.

Also, should be a lesson for Jimbo who wouldn’t play true freshman regardless of freshman clearly being better than starter, especially at WR . Except this one time this year when the freshman was better than 2nd string.

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