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Getting to know Jabroni
(02-05-2012, 11:22 PM)suIcIdecL0wN Wrote: What is your favorite movie of all time? Why?

Snatch. I love that fucking movie, always have. Everything about is dope to me, I like to watch it a couple times a month.

What is your dream job? Any ambition to make it reality or are you cool dreaming?

Helping people. Something to do with drugs or gangs I'd like. I deff. want to make it a reality, I'd be a cop but I have such a huge problem with being a uniformed officer since thats not what I would want to do. handing out seatbelt tickets and stuff? No thanks.

You win that previously mentioned billion dollars... Name 3 KBC members you'd give money to. What would you buy them?

My brotha from anotha motha. Dandizzle 3ohfizzle. We used to talk all the time back in the day and I remember when he first went off to college doing summer courses just to be accepted in the school. He has husteld from school to jobs to a place now. Thats a good dude and I'd break him off some money if I was crazy rich like that.

Maybe scarecrowe just cause everyone gives him shit for being a dead beat so it'd be funny to just be like "hey bud heres a couple million, scumbag."

Then _L_ cause boy who doesn't love a good tragedy story? Do you think money would change his life style? Yea right, he'd still be a drunk pill popper trying to reason with people online that he only takes pills sometimes.....yea bud if you can't admit to people online you love the dope then you got some real problems.
If you could be any movie character.. Who would you be and why?!

Did you not answer the last question on purpose?

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