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E3 2018 - optic - 06-06-2018

Presser times

EA - Saturday, June 9, 11am Pacific Time
Microsoft - Sunday, June 10, 1pm Pacific Time
Bethesda - Sunday, June 10, 6:30pm Pacific Time
Square Enix - Monday, June 11, 10am Pacific Time
Ubisoft - Monday, June 11, 1pm Pacific Time
Sony - Monday, June 11, 6pm Pacific Time
Nintendo - Tuesday, June 12, 9am Pacific Time

RE: E3 2018 - Mudkips - 06-07-2018

RE: E3 2018 - Ceallach - 06-07-2018

E3 is so pointless

RE: E3 2018 - Nebraska - 06-10-2018

GOD this looks so good.

RE: E3 2018 - Mudkips - 06-10-2018

Fallout 76 looks fun but I know it'll SUCK ASS

RE: E3 2018 - Mudkips - 06-10-2018


RE: E3 2018 - Nebraska - 06-11-2018

That looks real stupid.

RE: E3 2018 - Mudkips - 06-11-2018

Mechs aren't stupid

RE: E3 2018 - Nebraska - 06-11-2018

Your mom's stupid.

RE: E3 2018 - Ceallach - 06-12-2018

Metal Wolf Chaos is fantastic. I got it a few years ago before the prices got fucking ridiculous. It's absurd but a really fun mecha game.

RE: E3 2018 - Mudkips - 06-12-2018

Super Smash Bros actually added Ridley the absolute mad lads

RE: E3 2018 - Nebraska - 06-12-2018

Nintendo was a bummer. Unless you are in love with smash I guess. I mean I enjoy those games but good god. Did we really need a deep dive into every characters final smash and junk?

I was hoping for some Metroid 4 news. Or a new 2d Mario or something. Oh wellz. They were definitely the weakest (aside from ea of course, lol. But actually...maybe?)

RE: E3 2018 - Mudkips - 06-12-2018

EA and Square were the worst with Sony barely being ahead of them. Microsoft had the best conference I thought but most of that shit will be on the PC anyways so whatever. Nintendo was decent but WHERE IS METROID rite

RE: E3 2018 - Nebraska - 06-12-2018

MS for sure had the best. But yeah it got me excited for PC stuff, not Xbox. I don't even remember square so I guess I'll give you that one LOL

I thought Sony was pretty great actually. Last of us is looking incredible, ghost of tsushima looks amazing too. Spiderman is gonna be super fun too from the looks of it. I wish they would've talked about dreams a little though. I really want to know how that is going to work.

I was really looking forward to Nintendo but it really had nothing of interest to me. I'll play a new smash Bros sure, but that's not all that exciting to me.

RE: E3 2018 - Enon - 06-13-2018

Spiderman looks fun as fuck. I'm sure the combat will end up being super repetitive but I'll have fun free-roaming the map for a while I'm sure.

RE: E3 2018 - That Guy - 06-14-2018

Looking forward to Dying Light 2 and Cyberpunk 2077. Wish I cared more about Fallout 76 and Elder Scrolls VI.