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RE: WrestleMania 34 Travel Thread - Peezy - 04-08-2018

We finally got back but it wasn't cheap. Fuck surge pricing.

Also, finally met gab briefly. Hope to catch you again before the weekend is over man

RE: WrestleMania 34 Travel Thread - DangPlex - 04-08-2018

Thoughts on ROH, not an ROH regular..

The Briscoes v Lethal/Tanahashi was okay...crowd was dead.
The Flip Bucks vs SoCal Uncensored was a 3.5* clusterfuck.
The rest of the shit I didn’t care for until the Kenny v Cody match. TV title match was meh. The Cheeseburger segment smelled like TNA.
4* Match...they’re slow burning the Elite split off
Scurll vs Dalton was really good.

ROH writing feels somewhere between TNA/WCW.
The whole production felt like it was missing something. Not just the damn site/app being down pretty much the entire show.

They drug that shit on for waaaaaaay too long.

RE: WrestleMania 34 Travel Thread - tehgiftofgab - 04-08-2018

Yea man finally met peezy and Tim!! I can tell both are cool cats. Got to talk to Tim way more cause he was sitting closer. I was hoping to go buy a charger from cvs and see where y’all were at but they ended up being closed by the time we got out (who knew it was gonna end after 12 wtf) I finally scored a ride to the French quarter w these dudes in a taxi who luckily had a charger in his care but the time I actually finally got back to my place I was donezo, I’m goin to WM and Raw still so I’m sure I’ll see you guys again

RE: WrestleMania 34 Travel Thread - Chris - 04-08-2018

I was so damn out of it by the end of ROH. I only had a few hours of sleep the night before and sitting down for so long was just putting me to sleep. The card was pretty 50/50. I think if they shuffled some of the matches it wouldn't have felt so long but Christ did we really need that intermission and the Cheeseburger/Bully Ray shit? That right there could have shaved off 45 minutes or so.

Did get to hang with Brulos again as well as briefly see Tim and that Peezy fellow for just a few minutes. Forgot gab was there otherwise I would have just came over to your section to chat. I'll probably be headed to WM fairly early today. Doors open at 2:30. I'm down to go party in the French Quarter afterwards.

RE: WrestleMania 34 Travel Thread - Ceallach - 04-08-2018

Dis anyone go to NXT. Just got done watching it, card was fucking incredible. Maybe the most consistently excellent WWE show since WM17

RE: WrestleMania 34 Travel Thread - Brulos - 04-08-2018

I’m upset I didn’t pick NXT but I had fun at ROH. There’s too much wrestling nowadays but I’ll probably check that out from now on

RE: WrestleMania 34 Travel Thread - Landshark - 04-08-2018

Tried to watch HOF on my xbone and it kept buffering like every 5 seconds plays fine on iPad though...not watching Mania on my ipod! I updated the app and it's still does it but not as bad

RE: WrestleMania 34 Travel Thread - Peezy - 04-08-2018

We're here. Seats are pretty damn good. This is huge.

RE: WrestleMania 34 Travel Thread - The Artist Formerly Known as L - 04-08-2018

That dumb ass Kid Rock song is driving me nuts already watching at home.

If I was there and they kept blaring it over the speakers for hours on end, I would probably kill somebody.

RE: WrestleMania 34 Travel Thread - tehgiftofgab - 04-08-2018

Ticketmaster messed up our tickets so we were moved up to section 140r row FF ! Fucking amazing seats

RE: WrestleMania 34 Travel Thread - Peezy - 04-09-2018

I'm drunk as fuck. Chris is so awesome you guys.

RE: WrestleMania 34 Travel Thread - Chris - 04-09-2018

Kayfabe them brother. I only like wrestling and I'm a total dick. Stick to the script!

RE: WrestleMania 34 Travel Thread - Chris - 04-09-2018

Sometimes in life we make poor choices. I'm sorry for throwing that cheeseburger at a stranger. If I had to do it again I would have gotten to know her first.

RE: WrestleMania 34 Travel Thread - Peezy - 04-09-2018


RE: WrestleMania 34 Travel Thread - Peezy - 04-10-2018

Still half exhausted but random thoughts & reviews.

- Got a speeding ticket on the way there. 85 in a 70. The cop asked where I was going in such a hurry, told him New Orleans for WM. He said, "don't you know that's all fake?" But then he started trying to bond with me over it because he was an older dude from the Louisiana area and apparently grew up watching old Mid-South Wrestling back in the 70s. We started talking about all these old guys like Junkyard Dog, Bill Watts, Kamala, etc. He was really into it and he seemed excited that I actually knew stuff about it (this shit was before I was born, but I'm enough of a history buff that I actually know a lot about it). We talked about the big shows they used to run in the Superdome. Or the Freebirds "blinding" JYD, shit like that. I realized he was into it so I was working it, hoping we could become quick wrestle buddies and he would let me off with a warning. No such luck. Now I got a ticket to pay.

- Arrived Friday afternoon, met up with Tim & his wife, grabbed dinner, and pretty much spent the night on Bourbon getting shitfaced. Even ran into an old friend from Memphis that was also in town for WM. We stayed out until about 1am getting drunk. Was fun times.

- Saturday, hit the WWE Superstore where they just had all the merch you could imagine. Like a big WWE Walmart. Was cool. Axxess was across the building but we didn't feel like paying to go into that. Turns out Okada was there in the building at the same time we were but we never saw him.

- Went to ROH that night. We had to Uber to that one and it sucked because they were doing surge pricing so the Uber costs were fucking INSANE. Also, my wife forgot her hoodie and the weather turned to shit while we were out, so she ended up taking mine and ended up freezing to death in misting rain in a t-shirt.

- ROH was cool but I wish we'd gone to NXT instead. Turns out NXT ended up being one of the best PPVs in WWE history. I let my NJPW-fandom get the best of me, because I figured I probably wouldn't get too many chances to ever see guys like Ibushi, Ishii, Omega, etc. Meanwhile, every WWE brand, including NXT, hits Memphis a couple of times per year, so I'll always get that chance. But it was probably not the right decision. ROH was really good, but it was also REEEAALLLY long. ROH ain't got the depth to hold my attention for 5 fucking hours. Met gab but only briefly because he was sitting several seats away. Wish we'd got to hang out more, seemed like a cool dude. Also sucks that I didn't get to meet Madman either. Also got to talk to Chris and Bru for a brief minute for the first time that weekend. We all planned to hang out afterwards, but by the time the show was over, we were all fucking exhausted and the weather was cold and rainy so we all just went back to our hotels.

- As for the show itself: we showed up during the pre-show, right as Emma lost her match. Crowd booed the shit out of that. Ibushi vs. Page was really good. Ladder match was off-the-charts awesome. I don't know if I can compare it to the NXT ladder match, I probably need to watch both of them again to see, but from my memory, I think the ROH one was slightly better. Tanahashi was super over but the match was just okay. Crowd was starting to be pretty burned out at this point.

- But then Omega vs. Cody woke everybody up. I loved the match and Cody is SUCH a smarmy little prick. Just the best heel going right now. Brandi took a hell of a bump. And the crowd was hot for it the whole time. But that should have been the main event. Crowd was totally spent after that match. Which sucks because Dalton Castle is entertaining and I fucking love Marty Scurll and it was a good match. But the crowd was just done. People in the crowd were literally asleep and it was after midnight.

- Sunday, had a big ass pre-show dinner and hit the Superdome. Full obnoxiously long Peezy-length WM review coming later, but overall, I loved it. The 7 hours in Wrestlemania flew by compared to the 5 hours at ROH. After Mania, we finally met up with Chris for real and got to hang out for awhile. We were out drinking on Bourbon until, like, 3am. Chris is one of the legit nicest dudes ever and I wish we all lived in Memphis (because I'm not moving to your expensive ass state) so we could all hang out more. Unfortunately, no Bru because of the calzones. I felt so fucking bad for him having to leave. Like, goddamn what shitty timing to get sick. Glad he was better the next day though.

- Monday, we all met up to do a New Orleans cemetery tour courtesy of Chris. Finally got to hang out with Bru for the first time all weekend and basically hung out all day. For those wondering, Bru is indeed a real lo and when he spotted a fellow family member across the street repping the hatchet during the walking tour, he greeted the ninja with a hearty woop woop.

- I don't know if everyone else agrees, but the cemetery tour was a highlight of the weekend for me. For starters, it's basically the only non-wrestling thing we did. But I love pretty much any sort of interesting history and the tour gave a lot of info on the history of New Orleans and people like Marie Laveau and now I'm downloading books for my Kindle so I can read more. The only thing that sucked is that my wife's foot is fucked up. She injured it a few weeks ago and is supposed to wear one of those medical walking boots to fix it but she thought she was well enough to go without it. Turns out not so much. The tour was a LOT of walking and by the end, she could barely walk at all and was in agony. So I got her back to home base and the rest of us went to eat without her. Then they all walked to the arena for Raw while I went back and got her and we took an Uber there so she wouldn't have to walk another mile with a busted ass foot.

- After Raw, once again dropped her off at the Airbnb. Then we went up on the roof and me and her and Bru got high before we went out one final time. Hung out drinking for a bit. But I was exhausted and hungry and the wife was also hungry (remember, we ate without her before Raw) so I ended up bailing out early. Said my goodbyes to Chris and Bru. Walked back, grabbed some food, and went straight to bed.

- Last minute coffee with Tim & his wife this morning and then hit the road. Got home just in time to watch Smackdown.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff but like I said, I'm still beat.

RE: WrestleMania 34 Travel Thread - DangPlex - 04-10-2018

My brain scrambled a few sentences
“I grabbed his wife...”

“(Remember we ate her out before RAW)”...

Sounds like a great time.

I had two friends over for WrestleMania. My kids hate Roman Reigns.

Still pissed the ROH app shit the bed. But Fite gave me $25 to spend on another ppv, which may be All In if its on there.

Only cared for two of the matches, the Bucks match was bonus. I can’t put my finger on it but ROH production just feels generic.

RE: WrestleMania 34 Travel Thread - Peezy - 04-11-2018

Also, I've got the Gathering plague. Been steadily getting sicker for the last day or so. Snotty nose, sore throat and all that shit. Ugh.

RE: WrestleMania 34 Travel Thread - Brulos - 04-11-2018

I’m feeing grate, too bad I didn’t feel like shit for Supercard instead!!!

RE: WrestleMania 34 Travel Thread - tehgiftofgab - 04-11-2018

(04-11-2018, 12:09 AM)Peezy Wrote: Also, I've got the Gathering plague. Been steadily getting sicker for the last day or so. Snotty nose, sore throat and all that shit. Ugh.

Dude fucking me too!! That’s a common thing?! It’s like I literally started feeling sick as soon as I got into the airport

RE: WrestleMania 34 Travel Thread - Chris - 04-11-2018

For me it started Tuesday morning with a dry throat and being stuffy. I hope it's just a result of running the A.C. all night and allergies or something. After hanging with Tim, Jess, and Brulos, I went back to my place and passed the fuck out. I bought cough drops last night because it never really went away on its own and it was annoying the fuck out of me during Smackdown.

I'm sure I'll write a review at some point but I still have most of the day before I even arrive at the airport and then from there it will be another 8-10 hours of killing time, flying to Denver, switch planes, and then back to Santa Barbara.

RE: WrestleMania 34 Travel Thread - Peezy - 04-11-2018

Yeah I think it's just a result of rubbing shoulders with the unwashed masses all weekend. Happened to me after most gatherings too.

RE: WrestleMania 34 Travel Thread - Randall - 04-22-2018

And I missed everyone down there.. Welcome to having shit service and being on a time restraint.

Hope everyone had fun. I did little to no wrestling events other than HOF and Mania. I believe next time i will book everything instead of letting my buddy do it all.